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Kahului, Hawaii Car Insurance

If you are planning to stay in Kahului for a few months, it can be difficult to decide whether it would be more affordable to rent a car during that time or buy a used car. Renting a car is more expensive up front, but buying a car has hidden expenses along the way. For example, when you buy a cheap used car you will still have to pay for insurance and registration costs. Buying a car also involves the time it takes to find the right car and sell it again before you leave.

Rental Cars can be Expensive

Long-term car rentals can be convenient for a traveler, but they can become expensive very quickly. If you are relying solely on the insurance offered through the rental company, an inexpensive rental can double in price before you drive it off the lot. Some people will appreciate the convenience of arriving in town and simply driving away in a rental car, but others may find that the cost of that convenience is too steep. If you rent for more than a month, you might spend as much as you would have spent on a relatively new used car.

Dealing with Registration and Insurance

If you choose to purchase a used car once you arrive in Kahului, remember to budget for the registration and insurance costs. You will need to have the car insured before you can transfer the title to your name, so it is a good idea to research insurance options before you begin shopping for the car. Fortunately, insurance costs on the islands are low when compared to the costs you expect on the mainland, so you may not need to spend as much as you think to insure your temporary purchase.

Resale Possibilities Based on Timing

It will be important to sell your used car before your trip has ended. The ideal time to sell a used car in Kahului is in the early spring when college students are moving away from campus. May is usually a great month to sell a used car. The fall is a good month to shop for a used car as the students are all going back to school. If you are going to purchase a car for a few months, you might have better luck with your transactions if you plan your trip around these natural sales seasons.

Be Wary of Shady Deals

Be careful when you are shopping for used cars in Kahului. Never purchase a car that has an expired registration or inspection. There is a good chance you might be stuck with a stolen car or a car that would not pass inspections for some reason. If you stick to vehicles that have valid paperwork, you will reduce your chances of buying a car that is more trouble than it is worth.

For more information about insurance costs in Kahului, enter your zip code into the form on this page. You will get the best results if you select at least three quotes.

Home to about 20,000 people, Kahului is the biggest community in the Maui County, the largest one on the island of Maui, and the ninth largest community in the state of Hawaii. Kahului serves as the primary transportation and business hub for the island as well as its most prominent retail area. Although Kahului is not usually considered a tourist destination in its own right, as the locale of the Kahului Airport (the largest on the island), most visitors end up passing through the city. The Kahului real estate market was hit hard by the collapse of the American market and housing prices plummeted, but have been increasing in recent months.

Unless you live and work somewhere else in Maui, most residents of Kahului do not really need to own a car because everything is readily accessible within town. However, if you decide you do want to own and operate your own vehicle, be aware that you will pay a lot more than the national average to do so. All motor vehicles, relates parts and accessories, as well as fuel has to be imported to Hawaii via ship and these shipping costs are passed on directly to consumers. Further, secondary costs like taxes, licenses, repairs and maintenance also cost considerably more than is the case on the mainland. These secondary expenses led Forbes to rank Hawaii as the worst state in the country in which to own and operate a car in 2008.

While owning and operating a car anywhere in Hawaii will cost you a lot, basic insurance is not overly expensive. Getting the basic liability and personal injury insurance required by state law is comparable to getting similar coverage in other parts of the country. In 2007 Hawaii ranked as the sixteenth most expensive state in the country to get car insurance in. Minimum standards notwithstanding, drivers in Hawaii should know that almost twenty-five percent of accidents in Hawaii involve pedestrians; therefore drivers should keep this in mind when buying insurance.

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