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Juneau, Alaska Car Insurance

uneau is an island city that does not have any roads that connect with the mainland. Once you are in town, however, the city covers a fair amount of land and destinations are widespread. It makes sense to keep a car in Juneau, even though you cannot drive your car in and out of the city. It is possible to take your car to and from the mainland by ferry if you need to drive to a destination on the mainland.

Juneau's Isolation Not a Daily Problem

Most of the residents of Juneau live, work, and play within the city limits. Since they rarely have a reason to drive out of the city, the fact that there are no roads connected to the mainland really is not an issue for them. What matters most is that they need a car to drive from work to home and to their other normal daily destinations. Insurance rates in Juneau tend to be lower because there are very few commuters who create traffic jams driving into city centers. The traffic is limited to the local residents, who are generally careful to avoid accidents with their neighbors.

City Itself Spread out

Juneau may be an island, but it is a large one. Some residents choose to ride their bicycles around town, but the city is too widespread for biking and walking to every destination. Owning a car can make it easier to get to the grocery store, restaurants, work, and visit friends on your own timetable. The extreme weather can also make it difficult to get around without a car during certain times of the year. Just because you will not need to drive out of town regularly does not mean that you will not need to drive around town.

Public Transportation Options

There is a good busing system in place in Juneau, but it has some limitations. The buses run every half hour during regular business hours, and they run every hour during the evenings. You need to make sure you are ready to get home before the buses stop running at 11:00 pm, however. Special express routes are available to the downtown area from outlying neighborhoods. Juneau also offers taxi service and shuttles that are available for personal pickups and drop offs. The down side to using public transportation for all of your needs is that you will have to spend extra time planning your routes and there are times when it can be uncomfortable to stand outside and wait for the bus.

Residents Divided Over Road Issue

Juneau residents are currently divided about whether there should be a road built to connect them with the mainland. Many residents feel that improvements to the ferry system would be just as effective as a road. Building a main road could affect car insurance rates because it would lead to more drivers in the city. The new drivers would be less familiar with the city, which could create traffic problems.

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Juneau is the third largest city in Alaska and the state capital, though its population is only a bit more than 30,000 people. If one combines federal, state, and local government workers, then government utterly dominates the Juneau economy. Juneau also serves as the cultural and artistic center of Alaska (excluding Native American cultural centers) and is home to Alaska's only professional theater and is known for its symphony, opera companies (there are two) and many art galleries. Juneau also serves as a stop for cruise ships, bringing thousands of tourists to the city during the summer months. In the past, fishing dominated the local economy and though this is no longer true today, it still plays an important role.

In 2007 Juneau had three hundred and forty-five traffic accidents, though only one resulted in a fatality and only thirteen resulted in serious injury. All said, Juneau is not a particularly dangerous city to drive in. However, population and accidents rates are not the only factors that insurance companies take into account when calculating premiums. Another key factor that the insurance companies look at is the cost of parts and repairs and in Alaska anywhere in Alaska these are much more expensive than they are elsewhere. People new to Alaska may find the insurance premiums surprising, based in large part on the fact that everything required to keep a car operating has to be imported to Alaska and is therefore quite expensive.

When determining if the minimum liability requirements are adequate, in Alaska drivers have to take their location into account. Since so much of the state is empty or difficult to access, the immediate availability of rescue services and medical trauma centers is a real factor to take into account. If you live far from the city center, the expense related to medical care may turn out to be well above the minimum requirements, which means you will be held liable for the difference.

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