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Low Car Insurance Rates by Knowing Where to Park in Jersey City

Owning a car in Jersey City can make getting around more convenient, but it can also be a challenge when you need to get out of the car. Parking is at a premium in most areas of the city, especially when you need to leave your car parked for several hours or days at a time. Parking on the street means you have to get a special permit or pay for a metered space. Leaving your car parked on the street could also increase your risk of theft, which can drive your car insurance rates.

Good Spaces Are Hard to Find

As in any metropolitan area, parking spaces are not easy to find in many parts of Jersey City. Parking lots are available, but they are usually in central locations that leave you walking a few blocks to get to your front door. During harsh weather or late at night that walk can be uncomfortable, especially if you are elderly or have children with you. Public transit offers inexpensive parking with free shuttles to the train station, but there are no discounts for using a remote parking lot rather than using a lot at the station.

Question of Safety Downtown

If you need to park in the downtown area for a few days the metered spots are either free or not enforced at night or during the weekends. This means you can park for free if you like, but it also leaves you open to a greater chance of theft. Compared to the high cost of pay lots it can be tempting to take advantage of the metered parking, even with the threat of someone stealing your car. Remember that losing your car to theft will mean dealing with all of the hassle of finding different transportation or finding a way to buy a new car. If you are insured, your rates will likely increase after you file a theft claim.

Parking on Grass Not Allowed

Some residents have tried parking on their lawns rather than fighting for spots along the curb. That tactic might work for a few days, but the police will eventually come along and give you a ticket. Jersey City has an ordinance against parking on grassy surfaces. It might be worth taking a few extra trips around the block to find a good spot instead of paying a hefty fine for parking where you aren't allowed to park.

Street Cleaning Means Moving the Car

Another frustrating aspect of parking in Jersey City is that the street cleaners come down each side of the street twice a week. People who park along the street have to move their cars from one side to the other so that the appropriate curb is clear for the cleaners on the right days. This could mean moving your car and jockeying for a new parking spot every day of the week, whether you drive to work or not. Every time you get behind the wheel your chances of an accident go up, which means your chances of raising your insurance rates go up as well.

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