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Jeffersontown, Kentucky Car Insurance

Depending on the rankings you choose to use, Jeffersontown is either the tenth or the twelfth most populous city in Kentucky, but is in fact part of the much larger Louisville metropolitan area although its population is counted separately. The city is best known for Bluegrass Industrial Park, a massive industrial park hosting almost 900 separate businesses and employing 38,000 people. This makes Jeffersontown the third largest city of employment in Kentucky. Although Jeffersontown remains a separate town with its own mayor and city government, it is an integrated element of the Louisville metropolitan government and its residents can vote in Louisville municipal elections.

Although technically Jeffersontown constitutes a separate town, since it is an integrated constituent of the Louisville metropolitan area the state does not keep separate traffic statistics for Jeffersontown. This means that all accidents and their results are calculated within the Jefferson county statistics. However, since most of the 38,000 people that work in the industrial park and many others in Jeffersontown only come for work, for all intents and purposes the traffic conditions and statistics for Jeffersontown and Louisville should be combined. This means living in Jeffersontown is likely to have the impact on your car insurance premiums as living in Louisville, the most dangerous city in Kentucky for driving.

Although living anywhere in Jefferson County will increase your premium to an extent, this is not the only factor that the insurance companies take into consideration. If you have an excellent driving record, meet the preferred personal demographics (age, gender, etc.), have inexpensive car insurance, and an excellent credit score, you should still be able to get an excellent deal on car insurance living in Jeffersontown. Since the auto insurance industry is extremely competitive, it really pays to shop around and carefully compare prices to find and get the best deal available.

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