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Hutchinson, Kansas Car Insurance

Hutchinson, a small city of around 40,000 people, ranks as the tenth largest city in the state of Kansas. Founded initially as a railroad town at the junction of two major lines in 1871, in 1887 large salt deposits were found and this changed everything. Hutchinson developed into a major salt producing center and remains one today. The city boasts the world’s largest grain elevator and is also a notable manufacturing center, hosting a number of modern factories. Hutchinson hosts the Kansas State Fair every September and also has a few other family-friendly attractions like the space museum.

There were 950 automobile accidents in Hutchinson in 2008. Three of these resulted in killing three people. 215 of these accidents injured 324 people. All said, in view of the population, Hutchinson is a fairly safe place to drive and just living there should not lead to extra costs on car insurance. Fifteen of these accidents involved pedestrians whereas twenty-three involved deer, which reflects the fact that most people in Hutchinson drive as opposed to walking or bicycling to get around. Fifty-nine accidents were speed related and forty-three involved drivers that were under the influence of alcohol. The overall picture is that driving is not particular dangerous in Hutchinson.

It is required by Kansas state law that the owner of any vehicle legally titled to travel on Kansas roads have a minimum standard of liability insurance that covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury expenses, as well as offsetting amounts owed if you are in an accident with a person without insurance. This is true whether you regularly drive your vehicle or not, if the car is legal to drive it must be insured. The only alternative is to have your vehicle legally re-titled to a “non-road use” status that means it is no longer legally allowed to be driven on Kansas roads.

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