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Houston is known for its terrible storms. Hurricanes, Severe Thunder Storms and Tornadoes all contribute to insurance claims for non-collision damage. You may have heard about escalating homeowners insurance rates because of hurricanes and ocean storms, but did you know that car rates are skyrocketing too?

Obviously, when the storms are worse, the vehicle damages claims will also be more frequent and more costly. These expenses put pressure on car insurance companies to increase their rates. Meteorologists predict storms in the next 15 - 20 years to produce strong hurricanes, resulting in more damage to property. For this reason, Houston residents should keep comprehensive coverage on their cars.

Financial Pressures

The increasing cost of insurance puts questions in the minds of many car owners about whether they can afford to continue carrying comprehensive coverage. But in truth, with storm damage increasing, car owners cannot afford to skip the insurance. The cost of a new paint job for your car might be $1,200. The cost of insurance may be half that, including all coverage, not just comprehensive. Insurance is still cheap enough that it makes good financial sense to carry it.

Storm Damage to Cars

Weather damage to vehicles can also occur from flooding. While fresh water flooding may cause correctable damage, salt water causes permanent damage to electrical systems, interiors and power trains. Then you compare the cost of the thousands of dollars to replace your car with the relatively cheap cost of insurance.

Falling trees are another danger to cars. Collision coverage only pays if your car hits a tree, not if a tree hits your car. A tree fall can cause anywhere from a few hundred dollars damage to a total loss. It may only dent your roof, but it may also crush to frame of the car.

Driving winds can force rain into crevices that would normally keep water out. The seals on older cars begin to wear and become less effective at keeping the car sealed. And thatís just the hurricanes.

Hail from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes dent your entire car. The damage from hail along can sometimes cause the total loss of a car. Even when hail damage is repairable, youíll always be able to notice small pockmarks in the surface.

Tornadoes can even more damage to your car. Debris can be hurled at your car at speeds so fast that it punctures the metal. The entire car may be picked up, thrown about and dropped at another location. Thereís just no limit to the violent damage a tornado may do to your car.

Donít Skip the Insurance, Just Find a Better Rate

But Houston residents can find ways to make this necessary insurance coverage more affordable. By shopping around with several insurance carriers, they can get the best quote. Instead of giving up on this important insurance coverage, enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page. Youíll get a free quote for insurance that you can compare with other rates. We recommend you get at least three quotes to be sure you get the best rates.

Every car owner needs car insurance and if you live in Houston it is not hard to find. When shopping for car insurance enter your zip code above and get connected quickly with auto insurance companies in your zip code.

Car insurance has many variables. For instance, if you have a poor driving record, you can expect higher insurance premiums than someone with a good driving record. Insurance companies can check you records for your driving history as well as your credit score.

The following are items to consider before applying for Houston Car Insurance. How does the insurance company decide the cost of the insurance premium? Of the factors, how far you have to commute mkes a difference in you insurance premium. If you drive a long distance that will affect your premiums. Where you live affects your insurance rates.

How many accidents and tickets you have had affects the cost of your coverage you. Other factors include if you smoke or have teenager drivers. All of these reasons can change you insurance rate up or down with these different variable.

Some people commute a far instance or busy metropolis that may increase your rates. There are many other factors that affect your insurance premiums. The insurance company needs many bits of information before they write up your policy. If you smoke or not makes a difference in your insurance policy. Most companies reward you for not smoking. You can save money in on insurance if you don not smoke.

You may think insurance for a large sedan has higher car insurance premiums but that is not necessarily the case. Premiums for expensive cars cost more money for insurance. This information can be found on Houston Car Insurance online. You can get an estimate on car insurance then submit.

If you are ready to get lower insurance premiums check Houston Car Insurance and start comparing companies. You can rest assured that Houston Texas Insurance can help you with all your auto insurance needs.

It is a good feeling to be protected with car insurance that can help you out if you have an accident At Houston Car Insurance you can get low rates with great coverage. Through their listing of companies you will be able to compare quotes easily.