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Hopkinsville, Kentucky Car Insurance

Although Hopkinsville only has a population of just over 30,000 people, it ranks as the sixth largest city in the state of Kentucky. The city is best known as the home of Ebonite International, one of the world’s most established and largest producers of bowling balls. Statistically speaking, Hopkinsville produces more than ninety percent of the world’s bowling balls. Significantly larger than most of the communities nearby, Hopkinsville remains a small town by most definitions, and is in relatively close to Nashville, Tennessee. The city’s small town feel and reasonable cost of living makes it a popular destination for families and dependents of soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell.

Hopkinsville itself is small enough that there are no readily available statistics for the exact number of auto accidents within the town. However, most accidents in the county took place within the town and those figures are available. In 2008, Christian County had sixty-nine traffic accidents, an enormous improvement over the 118 accidents they had in 2007. 2008 saw no people killed in auto accidents and only forty-nine injured. Considering the population, Hopkinsville is a particularly safe place to drive and this should be reflected in the amount of insurance premiums for residents. People relocating to Hopkinsville from elsewhere should immediately shop around for a new insurance policy, as rates for residents should be significantly lower than they are in many other places, especially larger cities.

Despite the fact that living in Hopkinsville should not increase, and may even decrease, your car insurance rate, this is not all that the insurance companies take into consideration. If you have a particularly bad driving history, are driving a particularly expensive car, or have a bad credit score, you will still pay more than others in the area. Nevertheless, since the insurance companies take into account a wide range of factors about your locality and Hopkinsville scores well on all these points, living here will probably mean lower insurance premiums than elsewhere.

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