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Honolulu drivers rank 44th in the nation when it comes to driving skills. Researchers found that if Honolulu drivers had to take the written driving test, less than three quarters of those test takers would pass. Unfortunately, drivers only need to take a test to get their licenses for the first time. The rest of the driving public is at the mercy of these unskilled drivers as soon as they forget the rules they learned solely for the purpose of passing the test. Roads filled with bad drivers are one of the main reasons that insurance costs tend to rise for everyone who lives on the island.

Unpredictable at Intersections

If you pay attention long enough, you will notice that the terrible Honolulu drivers fall into some patterns. One of the most dangerous techniques of these poor drivers is the way they approach intersections. Many times a driver will slow down and almost stop at a cross street, then speed across the road at the last minute. Anyone else in the intersection would have trouble trying to decide what the driver planned to do next, which could lead to an accident if the other driver guessed wrong.

Fast, Unexpected Traffic Moves

Another common driving technique on Honolulu roads involves drivers who make quick adjustments without any warning. Highway drivers will shift quickly from one lane to the other without a signal. At city intersections, it is common to see a car make a left turn from the right hand lane. These fast and unexpected driving maneuvers leave other drivers unable to react to the sudden change. Accidents occur most often when drivers cannot anticipate the next move of the other cars on the road. Turning across lanes alone can lead to several unnecessary accidents, as the traffic with the right of way is unprepared for the turning car.

Slow Drivers

Drivers who exceed the speed limit can be dangerous, but drivers who go too slowly are dangerous too. Honolulu has its share of slow drivers who never go faster than 30 mph on any street. These drivers tend to cause long lines of cars that stack up behind them as the pace slows to a crawl.

Slow driving can make everyone on the road more frustrated, which could lead to reckless behavior as other drivers try to move around the car that is causing the slow down. Granted, the mentality on the island is generally laid back, visitors are unlikely to be so easy going. Given that Hawaii sees so many tourists every year, this could be a significant danger.

Rising Insurance Costs

All of these erratic and dangerous driving patterns can lead to a higher percentage of accidents, which directly affects the cost of car insurance in Honolulu. Insurance companies determine their rates partly by considering the average number of accidents in a particular geographical area. With the excessive number of bad drivers in Honolulu, the number of accidents increases and insurance companies must charge more to cover the cost. Even if you are a driver with a spotless record, you will be charged more for your insurance because you risk being in an accident caused by one of the reckless drivers around you.

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The City and County of Honolulu is the only incorporated city in the entire state and the state capital. Once the capital of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii, Honolulu is by far the largest city in the entire state with a population of a bit more than 370,000 people and it serves as the center of a metropolitan area has almost a million people and encompasses the entire island of Oahu. Having more than seven times the population of the next biggest town, Honolulu serves as the governmental, financial and cultural center of the state of Hawaii as well as its primary transportation hub.

Ranked by Forbes magazine to be the Worst State to Own a Car, personal motor vehicles have always been a problem in Hawaii. Not only must all vehicles be shipped in via the ocean, once there they are largely unnecessary and superfluous. Nevertheless, at the end of 2008 there were more than 533,000 motor vehicles in the City and County of Honolulu, but this includes all of Oahu, not just the city itself. As with everything else that has to be imported into Hawaii, both buying and maintaining and automobile costs quite a bit and this is generally reflected in your car insurance premiums.

Like most states, Hawaii requires car owners to have cheap car insurance. As a no-fault state, car owners are required to have $10,000 per person of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance on top of the usual liability requirements. The Hawaii minimum liability requirements are $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability for one person, $40,000 worth of bodily injury insurance for all injuries per accident, and $10,000 in property damage liability. Interestingly, since many people in Honolulu do not drive or only drive scooters, more than twenty percent of all accidents in Hawaii involve pedestrians, so this should be taken into account when purchasing insurance.

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