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With a bit more than forty thousand residents, Hilo is the second largest settlement in Hawaii after Hilo and the seat of Hawaii County which encompasses the whole island of Hawaii (or the Big Island). Home of both the University of Hawaii Hilo and Hawaii Community College, the city has the definite feel of a college town. After most of the sugar plantations shut down in the 1990s the area underwent a financial downturn, but rebounded with the help of tourism. Beside the students, the primary driver of the local economy is tourism and all of its related businesses. The majority of employed workers are in the hospitality industry.

Using the True Cost to Own study conducted by, Forbes magazine declared Hawaii to be the worst state in the country in which to own a car in 2008. This study looks at additional expenses and liabilities beyond the actual purchase price of a car, such as taxes and licensing, depreciation, fuel and maintenance costs and others. However, since Hawaii is an island chain that does not produce cars or petroleum, it means that all vehicles, parts and accessories, as well as fuel have to be imported in via ship, adding a premium cost to all aspects of owning and operating a car in Hawaii.

Although auto insurance costs more in Hawaii than in many other places, the fierce competition between insurers has driven the price down some. In 2007 Hawaii ranked as the sixteenth most expensive state in which to buy affordable car insurance, down from fifteenth place in 2006. The basic minimum requirements are fairly low compared to those in many other states, so the true expense to owning a car in Hilo is more one related to ownership and operation as opposed to insurance. However, it should be noted that almost a quarter of all auto accidents in Hawaii are connected to pedestrians, so it is a good idea to purchase insurance that can cover such accidents.

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