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Helena, Montana Auto Insurance

Helena, MT sees its fair share of snow during the winter. Residents need to be prepared to navigate snow and ice in the mountainous areas if they want to be able to get out and about in the winter. Simple precautions and careful driving should be all you need to get through the harshest Montana winter. You could even save money on your car insurance rates if you equip your vehicle with extra safety equipment to help you manage snowy conditions.

Gaining More Traction

The most important element in staying safe on wintry mountain roads is control. A driver's control of a vehicle comes from the traction that the vehicle maintains on the road. Helena drivers have several options for gaining traction in snow and ice. You could equip your vehicle with special snow tires that have deeper treads that allow the tires to bite further into the snow. Studs are another option, but can become expensive because they need to be replaced every year. Chains can be used to help maintain traction in icy weather, but you must reduce your speed when you have the chains on the vehicle. Drivers in pickup trucks can increase their traction by loading something heavy in the rear of the truck.

4 Wheel Drive Recommended for Trucks

The ideal truck for Helena winters is a four wheel drive. Two wheel drive trucks can get you through the snow and ice reasonably well, especially if you are used to driving in such conditions, but they can also lose their grip on the slick road more easily. A four wheel drive truck will be able to find traction more easily because all four wheels turn independently. If there is only ice on the road, it will be treacherous to drive regardless of what kind of vehicle you use.

Dealing With the Cold Conditions

Helena experiences extreme cold during the winter months. Temperatures as low as 32 below 0 are not unheard of in this area. Because of the cold, drivers need to take extra precautions to keep their vehicles running properly. Many residents choose to equip their vehicles with engine warming devices that can be plugged into electrical sockets. The warmers slowly thaw out the engine so that it will start without causing any damage to frozen moving parts. An engine warmer can help you avoid having to make expensive claims with your insurance company because of engine problems.

Protecting Your Engine from Wear and Tear

Many insurance companies offer incentives for drivers who can prove that they perform regular maintenance on their vehicles. In Helena, the extreme conditions make it even more important to make sure your vehicle is in excellent running condition at all times. Getting stuck on a rural road in the middle of winter can be extremely dangerous in this frozen mountainous region. Preventing mechanical trouble will keep you safer in the long run.

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