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It can't be stressed enough about the importance to having a clean driving record when attempting to buy auto insurance. Drivers in Hamilton are only required to carry liability on their vehicles, which is the state law in New Jersey. However many people continue to drive, and to drive recklessly, sometimes while under the effects of alcohol or drugs. Most insurance companies in Hamilton will not issue a vehicle insurance policy if you've been convicted for DUI or drunken driving.

Following a DUI car insurers will place you in the high risk category which automatically doubles your premium costs and means that instead of an automatic yearly renewal, your policy and record will be subject to review. The organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving estimates that a first time DUI offender can expect to pay between $3000 to $6000 a year for car insurance.

In Hamilton, a DUI stays on the driving record for up to 7 years. Get another DUI and your rates are likely to triple, that is if you can get car insurance in the first place. Other fees associated with bad driving include towing, bail, fines and court fees, attorney fees, mandatory remedial education courses and sometimes electronic monitoring.

If you find yourself in this situation, the best way to find insurance following your incarceration is to use the internet to conduct your search. A good website will allow you to pull several quotes from a number of different companies at one time for side by side comparisons. You will be able to see what is being offered and make your decisions accordingly. Bear in mind that the insurance industry is highly competitive and will compete for your dollar, so don't take the first offer that you're given. With a little patience and determination you will ultimately get the kind of car insurance policy that fits your lifestyle and budget.