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Grand Island, Nebraska Auto Insurance

Located in central Nebraska, Grand Island Nebraska is bounded on two sides by rivers, the Platte River on the south and the Loup River on the north. The city is 21.18 square miles of average 2000 square feet homes that come routinely equipped with two car garages. This information makes Grand Island auto insurance companies happy. Insurers are always worried about where their clients park their vehicles overnight. Parking on a street draws the highest insurance rates because these cars or trucks are easy pickings for car thieves.

Grand Island is plagued by about 500 thefts per year, just enough to keep car insurance companies busy. However, the most stolen vehicles are actually trucks, the Dodge Ram and the Chevy 1500. Auto insurers tender discounts if you equip your vehicle with a hardy security system.

Nebraska only requires liability coverage, it is up to the driver to carry other types of coverage such as collision and or comprehensive insurance. Fault in an auto accident is determined by a state Tort system. Those who are found to have caused an accident are responsible for paying all the bills for himself or herself and the other driver.

There are several ways to reduce your car insurance costs. Your good driving record is most important, as well as where you live, who you allow to drive your car, and how far your daily commute takes you. Most insurers are more concerned about how often you are on the roadways with other cars, rather than how fast you're driving on the highways. Traffic mishaps in and around Grand Island happen at speeds of 40 miles per hour on average. These crashes usually take place with a block or two of home.

Car insurance companies say that young men under the age of 25 are the high risk drivers on the road, while women are considered the safest and least risky drivers behind the wheel. For that reason women tend to pay lower rates than men in general.