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Grand Forks, North Dakota Car Insurance

Even though Grand Forks is one of the largest cities in North Dakota, you can still find some nice scenic drives that allow you to take in the local natural beauty. Many of the routes take you through farmland that is dotted by small ponds or lakes. State parks surround the Grand Forks area and can be incredibly pretty during certain times of the year. Be sure to prepare your car for the type of terrain you plan to drive so that there won't be any unexpected surprises that could cause you to need to file a claim with your car insurance company. Avoiding claims will help you keep your costs down.

Off the Beaten Path

Some of the best scenic drives in the Grand Forks area are away from the local highway and interstate system. The side roads between Northwood and Larimore, for example, are beautiful to drive during the summer. The ridges and hills along this route are a nice break from the large, flat prairie land that dominates most of the Grand Forks scenery. There are also some protected valleys that offer beautiful vistas as you rise and fall with the gently rolling hills.

Scenic Highway Routes

If you prefer to do your sightseeing from a smoother road with fewer stoplights, you might enjoy the scenery along one of the local highways. Highways 32 and 18 north of Larimore provide nice views of the Red River Valley. Both highways will lead you through the Pembina River Gorge, which is beautiful to see during the summer or early autumn. The highways are easy drives that provide you with an easy scenic drive that can fit into any busy weekend. Highway 2 is another scenic drive that gives you a nice snapshot of the local beauty of Grand Forks and the surrounding area.

Local State Park Drives

There are several state parks that are just a short drive from Grand Forks. Icelandic State Park can be reached along the Highway 18 and 32 drives and features a rising ridge that separates the valley from the drift prairie. This park is breathtaking at any time of year. Turtle River State Park is also home to a scenic drive that takes you from the hilly ridges through to the wider prairies that are more common in North Dakota. Both of these parks provide you with a wide range of scenery because they are located in a region where the landscape changes dramatically.

Scenic Drives Are Best in Summer or Early Autumn

The weather in Grand Forks plays a large part in how enjoyable a scenic drive can be. The best time to enjoy a drive is in the late summer and early fall when things are still green or starting to change color for the autumn. Once winter sets in, blankets of deep snow tend to cover the landscapes most of the time. While the snow can be beautiful, it becomes a common backdrop after a few weeks. Winter driving is also more treacherous, which can lead to insurance rate hikes because of your increased risk of having an accident.

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