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Glendale, Arizona Car Insurance

Glendale, Arizona, is the fourth largest city in the state with a population of just under a quarter of a million people. Glendale is part and parcel of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and best known for its role in the metropolitan area’s professional sports. Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium is the home of the Arizona Cardinals football team and the Arena is the home of both the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team and the Arizona Sting professional lacrosse team. Otherwise Glendale is basically a suburban community with an economy that is primarily focused on retail and service jobs.

As primarily a suburban community, most residents commute elsewhere for work each day, meaning that traffic is regularly fairly heavy and this increase the chances of accidents happening. Further, these are not all quick commute, but rather lengthy ones with most average commutes taking between fifteen and thirty-five minutes, which increases the chance of people driving faster than the speed limit, not paying attention, and driving aggressively. As part of the larger Phoenix metropolitan area, insurance companies will charge Glendale residents a higher premium based solely on residing in Glendale, without even taking all the other associated factors into account.

Glendale drivers that have to get insurance in order to meet the financial responsibility requirement to register a vehicle in Arizona should know the minimum requirements. Arizona’s minimum requirements are fifteen thousand dollars worth of bodily injury insurance per person and thirty thousand dollars per accident. Further, another ten thousand is required to cover liability for property damage per accident. The property damage requirement is considered too low by many in the state and there have been efforts in increase this minimum, but they have not succeeded yet. Although these limits are lower than those of some of the nearby states, in general the police in other states will accept minimum Arizona coverage as meeting the driving requirements.

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