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Gilbert, Arizona Car Insurance

Gilbert is one of the most dynamic constituent cities within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and is one of the country's fastest growing cities. From a population of just under six thousand people in 1980, as of 2009 it has just under a quarter of a million people. Further, this growth has been well designed and deliberate, and Gilbert is now one of the most affluent and well-educated parts of the greater metropolitan area and a leader in high-paying life sciences and health related jobs coupled with some of the best standards of living to be found in the United States. In 2008 it was ranked as the twenty-eighth best place to live in the United States by CNN and Money Magazine.

As is common in many more affluent areas, Gilbert has good police protection and a lower crime rate than other parts of the greater metropolitan area. Nevertheless, the mere fact that it is part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area will not be viewed favorably by most insurance companies. Quite simply, there is too much traffic and not all of that traffic is from Gilbert itself. Factors such as the amount of traffic on the roads, the amount of crime, and other concerns held by insurance companies usually take into the entire metropolitan area as opposed to just the community in question.

Arizona does not specifically require drivers to have insurance in order to drive legally, but they must have solid proof of financial responsibility before they can register their car or drive legally. This means wealthy people - including perhaps some of Gilbert's residents - have the option of posting a cash bond of some $40,000 in lieu of insurance, which may be a more desirable option if the chances of being involved in an accident are deemed extremely low. However, since most people, including many that are reasonably well off, do not have the option of laying that much money aside, it means most drivers still have to get insurance.

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