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Gary, Indiana Car Insurance

Despite being the fifth largest city in the state of Indiana, Gary is actually part and parcel of the greater Chicago metropolitan area and is about twenty-five miles from downtown Chicago, Illinois. Initially founded as a steel town, Gary has declined as the American steel industry has and although there are some still steel mills in operation in Gary; they are tiny compared to what used to be. Since the 1960s and 1970s the city has been in rapid decline and though some improvements have been made since the mid-1990s, Gary was still ranked as the seventeenth most dangerous city in the United States. High levels of unemployment and crime have plagued Gary and what progress was made at improving the situation bin the mid-2000s has largely been erased since the beginning of the 2007/2008 recession.

Gary was the scene of 3,410 car accidents in 2008 that killed twenty-two people and left 615 injured. 182 of these accidents, including eight of the fatalities were caused by drunk driving, while 544 were related to speed infractions. None of the most dangerous intersections within Lake County were within the city limits Gary. Gary also has one of the lowest rates of seat belt usage for a major population center in the state at 80.8 percent.

With Gary being both impoverished and a high crime area, as well as the fact that it is an integral element of the vastly larger Chicago metropolitan area means that residents should expect to pay considerably higher car insurance rates than people in other communities in Indiana. The high crime rate in particular frequently leads insurance companies to assess a considerably higher degree of risk that the car will be stolen or otherwise damaged. Shopping around may help get Gary residents a better deal, but realistically speaking having a Gary address will not be viewed favorably by most car insurance companies.

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