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Fort Wayne, Indiana Car Insurance

Insurance companies use several different factors to determine a driver's rates. Your age, marital status, gender, and driving record will all play a big part in how much you pay. Where you live can also make a difference. Insurance companies consider statistics from each zip code to help them determine what your odds are of being involved in a car accident or having your car stolen. If your risks are lower, your insurance will be less expensive.

Crime Rate and Accident Rate Impact Insurance Costs

The most telling statistics for each neighborhood are the crime rates and accident rates. You might live in a high rent district of the city, but if there is an intersection in your neighborhood that has a high accident rate your insurance premiums will be higher. The crime rate in your zip code will also make a difference. Higher crime rates mean that there is a higher risk that your car will be stolen or damaged near your home. The insurance company has to charge you more for your coverage because of that increased risk that you will have to file a claim.

Older Neighborhoods in the Southeast Have Higher Crime

In general, the neighborhoods in the southeastern part of Fort Wayne probably pay the most for car insurance in the city. These neighborhoods are known for their higher crime rates, which is a red flag to any insurance agency. As you go further north in the city, the crime rates reduce dramatically. The central downtown areas of the city can fluctuate depending on the specific crime and accident rates. It is possible for the insurance rates to increase from one zip code to another, even if they are only separated by a few city blocks.

Northeastern Residents can Expect Better Rates

People living in the northern and northeastern parts of the city usually pay a little less for their car insurance than those in the southeast. Crime rates in the northern part of town are far lower, which means that the cars driven there are safer from the threat of theft. The people who live in the northern part of town generally make more money and have neighborhoods that are more family friendly. That means they can afford to drive newer cars with better safety features, and they tend to drive more conservatively in larger family-friendly vehicles. There might be pockets of higher insurance due to specific traffic problems, but generally, the rates in these neighborhoods are lower.

Fort Wayne Growing Quickly

The demographics in Fort Wayne are changing rapidly due to the city's outward growth. New housing is being built on all of the edges of the city. These newer neighborhoods probably enjoy some of the best car insurance rates because they have not had time to develop high crime rates or dangerous intersections. As the neighborhoods develop more of a history of their own, the effect on the car insurance rates in those areas will shift accordingly. If you would like to learn more about your insurance costs in Fort Wayne, enter your zip code into the form on this page to compare rates from several companies.

Fort Wayne is the second largest city in the state of Indiana with a population of about one quarter of a million people, but the chief city of a larger metropolitan area of almost 415,000 people. The city has a reputation as being an average Midwestern city and has won the All-American City award three times (in 1982, 1998, and 2009). Once a major manufacturing center, today much of the manufacturing has moved abroad and Fort Wayne is frequently considered part of the Rust Belt. Nevertheless, in 2009 it was ranked at number sixty-seven on Forbes "Best Places for Business and Careers" list, had the fifth best cost of living, and was ranked the twelfth best city in the country for the cost of doing business.

Fort Wayne, being a major urban area, also had a much higher rate of traffic accidents than less populated parts of the state. In 2008 Fort Wayne saw 9,357 traffic accidents, which resulted in the deaths of fourteen people and saw 2,096 people injured. Out of all of these accidents, 446 were directly related to drivers under the influence of alcohol (including four of the fatalities) and 692 were related to the speed of the drivers (resulting in nine of the fatalities). The worst intersections in the city were those at Maplecrest Road and Stellhorn Road (twenty-five accidents) and Coliseum Boulevard and Lima Road (twenty-four accidents). Fort Wayne ranks low among major cities for using their safety belts, with only 84.2 percent using them.

Although Fort Wayne's traffic record is considerably better than that of Fort Wayne, merely living in Fort Wayne or the surrounding metropolitan area is likely to result in higher car insurance premiums than people living elsewhere in the state. On average Indiana residents still pay less for car insurance than the residents of many other states, but Fort Wayne residents in particular will likely be quoted noticeably higher rates than those of other people in the state. Shopping around for the best deal and comparing prices is certainly a prudent measure to take if you are living in Fort Wayne.

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