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Fort Smith, Arkansas Car Insurance

Driving in Ft. Smith can be something of an adventure if you’ve never been to the city before. The road system is unintuitive, so you use GPS if you have it. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust your device to be accurate, so have a good map on hand to reference until you are more comfortable with the street system.

Three main highways that pass through Ft. Smith make it easier to get from one end of the city to the other. Interstate 40 connects Arkansas to Oklahoma and goes right through the center of historic downtown Ft. Smith.

Complicated Road System

A quick glance at a map of Ft. Smith will reveal inconsistencies in the way streets are laid out through the city. Some residents like to point to the old western heritage of the city as an explanation for the unusual street design. Others cry foul at such reasoning, blaming poor city planning.

The risk of accidents from confused drivers trying to find their way through the area makes it a dangerous place to drive compared to other large cities. Car insurance rates for most of Ft. Smith may be a bit higher than the rates for other towns in the area because of the increased risk of accidents.

Challenging Traffic Lights

The city of Ft. Smith also has an interesting way of installing traffic lights. There are some intersections that have so many different lights installed that drivers may find it difficult to understand when it is time to proceed. There are signals for each lane and it is not always easy to tell which light applies to you.

This added confusion increases car insurance rates in Ft. Smith because drivers often become confused and sometimes the confusion leads to accidents. The higher accident rates translate into higher insurance rates.

Manhole Covers

Manholes in the roads are located along the sides, instead of down the center of the roadway. This means that cars bump and jostle as they hit dips in the road where manhole covers are located. This causes a tendency to bounce in and out of manholes, damaging a car's shocks, struts, and other structural systems that will need to be repaired more often.

This bouncing can also cause a driver to swerve inadvertently into the next lane, increasing the chance of an accident. Higher accident rates translate to higher accident rates.

Compact City with Good Transit System

Even though Ft. Smith presents some problems for resident drivers, the city also has many positive elements. It is a compact city, so not much travel is required to get from one place to another. The city boasts a high quality transit system that is used by many residents to navigate through town.

If you live in Ft. Smith and want to find out what you should be paying for car insurance, type your zip code into the form at the top of this page for more information about different car insurance options.
If you are looking for a new car, there are many things you will want to take into consideration. For instance, if you're concerned about the cost of auto insurance, you will want to be certain you take the time to get a quote prior to purchasing the car to be certain you aren't paying too much for your auto insurance.

You will want to be certain when you are looking for a new car that you see all the safety features it may offer. There are some new cars that may have many more safety features than others and you will want to be certain that you purchase a vehicle that has as many safety features as possible.

Did you know that auto insurance rates can be reduced when you do purchase a car with certain safety features? This is true, so you will want to be certain you do everything possible to help you get a car that is up-to-date when it comes to these things. So, take your time and look around and you will be certain to find exactly what you are looking for.

Also, when looking for new vehicles you will want to be certain you look at the gas mileage the one you decide to purchase may have. This may make a difference to your decision as well. We all want to be able to not only afford our vehicle but to afford the gas to drive it as well. So, be certain you take a look at all these criteria. They can make a huge difference in the decision that you do make.

While residing in Fort Smith, Arkansas, you will want to be certain you are doing all you can to find the best automobile possible to help you get around town. The population is this city is around 80,000 making it a nice size city.

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