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Fort Collins, Colorado Car Insurance

Fort Collins residents enjoy lower auto insurance rates for several reasons. The city's predominantly middle class population experience very little personal or property crime, which allows auto insurance companies to offer lower rates because there is a smaller chance of auto theft or vandalism in Fort Collins. There have been some flooding issues in the city in the past, but administrative controls that have been put in place over the last few decades seem to be controlling the runoff from the Horsetooth Reservoir and insurance rates have not been impacted by the flooding problems.

Effective Flood Control

The Horsetooth Reservoir includes three large dams just outside of Fort Collins. There have been areas of localized flooding due to runoff from the reservoir, but the only serious flood occurred in the mid-1990s when there was unusually heavy rainfall. Since then, the city has completed several projects to help control runoff water to avoid any severe flood problems. Home and auto insurance rates for Fort Collins do not reflect any unusual concern over the potential flood damage, which is a good indication that flooding is not something that residents need to be overly worried about.

Safe, Quiet City

One of the reasons that auto insurance is less expensive in Fort Collins is because the city is largely comprised of middle class families. This demographic is considered one of the most stable and low-risk populations by auto insurance companies. Anyone who lives in an area that is made up of mostly middle class families will benefit from the overall lower insurance rates that are applied across the area. Even if you do not fit into the middle class family demographic, you are considered a lower risk for an accident because you are sharing the road with lower risk drivers.

Low Crime Rates

Insurance companies do extensive research into the crime rates of any city that they service. Fort Collins has consistently shown a low level of crime compared to other metropolitan cities. There are some localized areas of town that receive more police visits than other areas, but even these high traffic areas are safe enough to walk through at night. In general, the crime that does happen in Fort Collins involves breaking and entering or petty theft. These crimes do not usually lead to the filing of expensive insurance claims, which means they do not cause auto insurance rates to go up significantly.

Family Neighborhoods

Fort Collins is home to many tight-knit family communities. Many of the neighborhoods are centered on raising families. This atmosphere is ideal for drivers and car owners because everyone tends to keep an eye on each other and their belongings. The low rate of auto theft and vandalism makes Fort Collins an inexpensive town for car insurance. If you would like to find out whether you are paying too much for your auto insurance in Fort Collins, fill out the zip code form at the top of this page to request a personalized car insurance quote from several different agencies.

Fort Collins ranks as the fifth city in Colorado by population and marks the northern end of the major front range settlement corridor following the eastern side of the mountain line all the way south to Colorado Springs. Although Fort Collins remains a distinctively separate community, its own expansion coupled with the of the northern expansion of the Denver metropolitan area means that it is only a matter of time before Fort Collins and Denver become part of the same larger metropolitan area. Even today, the northern Denver suburbs and Fort Collins are heavily interdependent and this is trend that will continue. For the time being, Fort Collins remains largely a college town, being the home of Colorado State University.

Although the overwhelming majority of Fort Collins residents drive their own car or carpool, commute times for most residents besides those that commute to the Denver metropolitan area live close to where they work. Average commute times for the majority of people in Fort Collins is ten minutes, which is fairly low. With the University and associated businesses being both the area's leading employer and centrally located, daily traffic is quite reasonable. Fort Collins also ranks low for average traffic accidents against statewide statistics, making it one of the safest cities in the state in which to drive. Fewer accidents also means less injuries and fatalities related to driving incidents as well, and Fort Collins ranks far below the state average in both categories.

In Colorado, legal and financial responsibility for traffic accidents is based upon the law of negligence, or the tort system. This means that one or the other driver is always deemed responsible, or at fault, for all traffic accidents and the responsible party is held liable for all compensation and restitution. An individual's driving history and record is held in higher regard in Colorado than it is in many other states. Although Fort Collins residents are not likely to have their vehicle insurance premiums significantly increased based on their address, their driving record plays a pivotal role in the assessment of their premium regardless of where they live.

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