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Farmington, New Mexico Car Insurance

Despite its small community feel and size, Farmington annually sees its share of fatal accidents. So much so, that car insurance companies are more concerned with how you handle your vehicle when other cars are on the roadways with you, then when you're driving at high speeds on the highways.

The average commute to and from work averages right around eighteen minutes per trip. Car insurers are willing to discount premiums for any driver willing to take a defensive driving course in order to improve their ability behind the wheel. Young drivers in particular are required to take the course prior to getting their permanent driving license, as well.

Farmington is the land of big pick up trucks, paying homage to the wide open spaces of New Mexico, and in fact the Dodge Ram pickup truck is the number one target of car thieves in the area. Next to rodeo's car theft is the next favorite past time in this part of the country. But don't think you're safe just because you drive an older model Honda, Toyota or other small, inexpensive auto. Sometimes your premium will match those of someone who drives a big fancy car. The reason for this is car thieves like the older model small cars for part. So these small autos rank in the top ten kind of cars stolen yearly in Farmington.

One way to counteract this trend is to park your car off the street, in a garage or behind a fence. Make sure that you have security devices installed. Even a steering wheel bar lock will make a difference in your premium. Car insurers also like the idea of a tracking device on the vehicle. However, if the car is old this may not be really feasible. In Farmington, as with the rest of the State of New Mexico, liability insurance is the only requirement for drivers. So it is up to you if you want to carry more coverage such as collision and comprehensive.