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It takes an average of 20 minutes and 48 seconds, to be precise, for people in the city of East Providence, to reach their workplace. Now this would have been fine, seeing as how East Providence is a thriving suburb, but there is the occasional speed demon you'll see flying past on the road and it doesn't take long for an accident to harm you and your close ones, just because someone decided to speed up a little. Protecting yourself with East Providence Car insurance is the way to go, to look out for both, your car and for your co-passengers.

Major accidents, are a rare occurrence in the suburbs, but bumps and scrapes, with the occasional whiplash, do tend happen and people do tend to panic and stress out over the possible enormity of the situation and the costs involved. At these times it is always handy to remember, that it is your duty to inform your East Providence Car insurance provider, with the details of the accident, if there was significant property damage or harm to human lives involved.

Don't ever try to cheat on your insurance contract. Insurance firms regularly scan police reports, newspapers, collision report centers, driving records or even other insurance companies to gain access to any event of an accident, whether reported or unreported. The contract, by an East Providence Car insurance provider will clearly state that any details of an accident are to be reported within 7 days, if it has been reported to the police or if you file a claim or if there has been a change in your driver status, such as a suspended license.

This little tip can save your life, from the hell that can be lawsuits and counter claims. If you try to brush your minor accidents under the carpet, your East Providence Car insurance provider, may well decide to not defend you from any of those lawsuits. It may even increase your insurance rates, and block any further claims or renewals requests, for that unreported accident.

It is also your duty to inform the police and stay at the scene of the accident, otherwise you my just be liable for criminal prosecution. Damage to government property, a net damage worth more than $1000 or injury, all require police action.

As a citizen of the ocean state, you need to be aware of your duties and keep a sharp eye out, when on the road.