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If you have received a moving violation in Durham, you may want to consider contesting the ticket so that you can reduce the damage it does on your driving record. Admitting guilt and paying the fine is the fastest and easiest way to handle the situation, but it can leave you paying higher insurance rates for up to 3 years after your ticket was issued. Since the Durham court system allows you to plead your case, take advantage of the opportunity to reduce your penalties.

The Type of Ticket Makes a Difference

Different tickets carry different penalties. In general, the ticket has to be a moving violation for it to have an impact on your insurance rates. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate to have a moving violation downgraded so that it does not appear on your record. Running a stop sign, for example, could be converted to a non-moving violation. Your speed relative to the posted speed limit also makes a difference. If you were within 5 or 10 mph of the limit, you will probably be able to reduce the penalty you receive in court.

Representing Yourself in Traffic Court

Some people feel comfortable contesting traffic tickets without the help of a lawyer. Sometimes this strategy can save you money on an attorney's fee, but usually the court costs and fines you receive will balance out with the cost of hiring a lawyer. With an attorney you have a better chance of reducing your penalties further than if you faced the court on your own. Choosing to represent yourself will cost more time and effort on your part as well. Hiring an attorney to handle the legal aspects of contesting a traffic ticket saves time and money, and could provide you with better results.

Attorney Fees can be Less than Insurance Increases

The main expense of a moving violation is not usually the court costs or the fine that you have to pay. The most expensive thing is the increase in your insurance rates. You could end up paying hundreds of extra dollars over the next few years if you cannot remove the points from your driving record. A one-time attorney fee can seem remarkably low if it allows you to avoid a substantial increase in your car insurance rates over a number of years.

Options That can Erase Points

In many cases, you will be offered an opportunity to do provide some sort of community service to offset the points that would have been applied to your driving record. An attorney could negotiate on your behalf so that you can attend driving school or participate in a community service project as a replacement for the other penalties that would have resulted from your traffic ticket. It is even possible to have a ticket entirely removed from your record, especially if it is your first offense. If you would like to know more about your insurance rates in Durham, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

When you are considering purchasing auto insurance, do you ever stop to think about the different policies? Many people may not be aware that there are different types of policies to choose from. This makes finding the best policy to meet your needs very important, but you may be able to cut some costs in the process.

So, what type of policy may be the least expensive and can still meet all your needs? One of the least expensive policy is the liability policy and you have to meet certain criteria to qualify for this policy. It is a good idea to check with your insurance agent and they can certainly be able to give you all the information you need on the subject.

Liability insurance can be obtained if you have your car loan paid off in full. If you owe money on your car, you will have to get collision insurance because this will pay the lender in the event you have an accident and the car is totaled.

So, if you own your car and owe no money on it whatsoever, you can certainly qualify for liability only and this can allow you to save a substantial amount of money over time if you can get by with only liability.

We all love to save money on car insurance and a great way to do just that is to get the policy you only need rather than spending a lot of money on policies you donít need. One of the best ways to get some very important information that can save you a lot of money is simply by talking to your insurance agent. They can offer you a wealth of information on what policy is best for you.