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Navigating Icy Des Moines Winter Roads

Des Moines winters can be long and cold. The average temperature hovers below freezing for weeks during the harshest part of the winter. Wind chill temperatures make it seem even colder. Drivers in Des Moines have to deal with icy and snowy conditions on a regular basis. If you want to make sure your insurance costs stay low while you live in Des Moines, you need to learn how to drive as safely as possible in the ice and snow.

Always Leave Plenty of Room

The first rule of thumb for icy driving is to leave extra room between you and the car in front of you. If you usually leave about a car's length of space, increase that to about three car lengths. Icy conditions can make it difficult to stop when you need to, especially if another car does something unexpected in front of you. Leaving plenty of room will give you a chance to ease to a stop so your car doesn't slide out of control. Always begin to slow down well before you reach an intersection so that you can come to a complete stop without sliding into the intersection.

Drive Deliberately

Icy conditions require a more deliberate driving style. Reduce the distractions in your vehicle while you drive so that you can pay better attention to the road and the other drivers. Think about any move that you need to make long before you actually get there, and then execute the move carefully. It is important to drive defensively and anticipate the moves of other drivers so that you can stay out of their way. Give everyone plenty of space just in case they are not very good at handling the conditions.

Stay Patient and Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Always expect to take at least twice as long to reach your destination than you would during clear conditions. Allowing yourself plenty of time to get there will help you remain relaxed and calm while you are driving. Speed is the biggest danger on icy roads because it increases the stopping distance needed, requiring you to anticipate problems even further ahead. Drive at a speed that gives you complete control of your vehicle. When you need to slow down, apply the brakes gently and gradually stop, rather than stopping quickly.

Carry a Good Emergency Kit

Every driver who has to go out in icy or snowy conditions should carry a few emergency items. A warm blanket and some travel snacks could keep you safe if your car breaks down. Keep some water on hand as well. Flares can make you more visible if you break down in a darker area. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave the house.

If you would like to learn more about car insurance costs in Des Moines, enter your zip code into the form on this page to receive quotes from several local insurance companies.

If you are like the majority of people there is an excellent chance you will want to be sure you do all you can to not only get coverage, but get the best possible coverage at the same time. This is when you will be required to do quite a bit of research to help you make the wisest decisions you can regarding car insurance.

One of the best ways to help you adequately do the amount of research that is needed to allow you to not only get a great costs but additionally good coverage is by looking online. You will easily be amazed at all the information you can find when you take the time to do some research online.

When it comes to cheap auto insurance, there is a lot to learn and the best way to help you stay as educated on the topic as you can is by doing your homework. You can easily learn about the various types of policies and how they can work for you, by looking online. This is the best way to help you know all you need to about ways to not only save on insurance, but also how to get some of the best policies.

If you live in Des Moines, Iowa, there is an excellent chance you can use all the help you can get when it comes to auto insurance. This is one of the largest cities in the state and boasts a population of almost 200,000, so this means there are a lot of people driving around and thus this basically means more accidents can occur in the process. So, be certain you take the time to do all your homework and you will be much better off in the event you are involved in an accident.

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