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Denver, Colorado Car Insurance

Denver is the most populous city in Colorado with around 600,000 people living in the city limits and serves as the anchor for a metropolitan area of some two and half million people. Known as the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level, the city is also the state capital. Denver has always been a major regional transportation hub, being almost exactly in between the major Midwestern cities like Chicago and the West Coast and it continues to serve that role today. As the largest city for some six hundred miles in any direction, Denver serves as the premier urban center for an enormous swath of the country. Further the city has a well diversified economy, focused not mere on transportation, but high technology, business, and medicine.

Denver has been steadily and consistently improving its traffic performance over the last decade, with every year since 2000 seeing a lesser number of accidents. In fact, 2009 had about ten thousand less accidents than 2000 (specifically, 2000 saw 31,879 traffic accidents, and 2009 saw 21,554). All the other statistics reflect the same general trend with fatalities, injury accidents, hit and run incidents, and traffic citations all declining. While inside the city proper, having one of the best mass transit systems in North America means that many people do not drive, like all Western cities, most of the people live in suburban areas, so most people still drive their own cars.

Although the city has dramatically improved its driving safety record over the last decade, auto insurance is still likely to cost residents of Denver more than people living in other parts of the state. As the heart of an enormous metropolitan area, many of the risk factors that are taken into account by insurance companies will be considerably higher for people living in Denver than those living in other parts of Colorado. This is true for both traffic problems as well as criminal behavior related to personal vehicles. However, the Colorado insurance market is very competitive, so shopping around and comparing prices is certainly well worth the time and effort.

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