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Dallas is a great place to live. It’s a beautiful city with many affluent neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the city is also prone to car break-ins. In some weeks, more than 30 burglaries may be reported. And it doesn’t seem to matter if the parking lot is gated with security guards or cameras.

This is a particular problem for car owners. While the damage caused to the car by a break-in may be covered, the personal items stolen are not. If the thief makes off with a permanently installed stereo, then the insurance will cover the cost, less your deductible. If they take your CDs or MP3 player, you’d have to look to your homeowners or renters insurance, which may or may not cover the loss.

Vehicle theft is a problem in Dallas as well. Chevys, Cadillacs, Fords, Dodges and GMCs are the hardest hit. Of these, the most commonly stolen vehicles are the Escalade, Silverado, Tahoe, the Ram and Yukon. Vehicles with onboard tracking systems have a 90% chance of recovering their stolen vehicles. The presence of these systems has seemed to help lower the theft rate, but break-ins still occur. A tracking device cannot protect your stereo or personal belongings.

So if leaving your car in a secure parking lot isn’t the answer, then how can owners protect their cars from break-ins? Of course, locking your car is step number one. Police say that half of the break-ins occurred on cars that were left open. A shocking 20 percent of those cars had the keys in them!

A large number of thieves have been entering cars through open sunroofs. Take a second look at your car before going inside and be sure your sunroof is closed. Otherwise, you’ll be a good target for break-in.

Other ways to prevent a break in include:

- Park under a light – thieves will be less likely to choose your car if they feel conspicuous in a well-lit area
- Park in a garage – a parking garage may limit the danger of break-ins. Open parking areas are the most prone to damage by thieves.
- Use a car alarm with a highly visible “on” light – even if you just have a red blinking light that does nothing, most thieves don’t want to risk it being a real alarm.
- Don’t leave valuables or gadgets behind – some thieves act on impulse. They may see a gadget on your car seat, smash the window and grab it. Also unplug electronic accessories and put them out of sight to avoid tempting thieves.

That’s why if you’re going to live in the big “D,” you’d better get the big “C!” Car insurance, specifically, Comprehensive or Other than Collision coverage will cover damage to your car done by thieves and will pay to replace permanently installed items like your car stereo, build-in DVD player or navigation system.

You can check car insurance rates in Dallas by entering your zip code in the box at the top of this page. Take a few minutes to get three free quotes so you can compare rates and be sure you are getting the best deal.

Driving a car is a luxury not a privilege. When you get behind the wheel you want to be sure you are covered with car insurance. There is a Dallas Car Insurance site that can help you find your auto insurance.

At Dallas Car Insurance the site includes a listing of all insurance carriers in the area. They have done the work for you so you do not have to hunt and peck for insurance companies yourself. Insurance companies usually give free auto insurance quotes. It is easy to just go down the line of insurance carriers and select a policy and price that you want.

Car insurance rates depend of a lot of things. or instance, do you have a teenager driving the car? Have you had tickets or accidents? The kind of car you drive influences the cost of your auto insurance. If you drive a car that is considered a high risk of being stole your insurance will be more. It will also be more if you drive a fancy spots car instead of regular sedan.

The distance you drive also impacts the cost of car insurance. The city you live in makes a difference on your insurance premiums. If you live in a small city your insurance will generally be less than those that live in a large city. If you smoke your insurance will be higher.

Dallas auto insurance gives you the local car insurance name and address of car insurance carriers in your area. You can also go on line and get instant quotes from car companies.

Car Insurance can be found on line with the "Car Insurance". You can get lower rates if you drive fewer miles, own a hybrid, and get a student discount.

Make your insurance payments on time or you will default. Drop comprehensive coverage if you have an older car and all you need is collision. Shopping for car insurance is not as fun as shopping for a car but it must be done.

In 47 states it is illegal to drive without car insurance. You have to show proof of insurance to buy a car. Protect yourself and your family, do not drive uninsured. You could get fined or worse if you are stopped by the police and do not have insurance. If you were in an accident without insurance you will have to carry the financial burden.