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Covington, Kentucky Car Insurance

Covington, Kentucky, is part of the greater Cincinnati (Ohio) metropolitan area, being separated from Cincinnati by the Ohio River. In of itself, Covington ranks as the fifth most populous city in Kentucky, despite being essentially a suburb. The over all metropolitan area has a population of some 2.1 million people, making Covington an integral part of a major population center. Beginning with the Great Depression in the 1930s, Covington underwent a major period of decline that did not end until the mid to late 1980s, though today it continues to prosper as a suburb of Cincinnati, with most of the features one would expect in a suburban community: lots of residences and service oriented businesses.

The 4,685 accidents recorded in Covington in 2008 was a marked improvement over the 5,037 accidents reported in 2007. Accidents causing fatalities and the number of people killed in accidents both declined, from eleven in 2007 to six in 2008. A similar decrease was also seen in the number of accidents resulting in injuries (2007 had 801, 2008 had 754) as well as the actual number of people injured (1,096 in 2007 and 1,011 in 2008). These improvements notwithstanding, Covington still rates as one of the riskier places to drive in Kentucky and residents can expect to see this fact reflected in the amount of their car insurance premiums.

Of the factors likely to be held against residents by the insurance companies is the local population density (3,301.3 people per square mile), the accident rate, the number of accidents caused by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol (thirty-eight accidents related to drug use and 229 related to alcohol in 2008), and the number of uninsured drivers caught. Being an integral part of a much larger metropolitan area means that the number of people routinely driving in Covington is significantly higher than the actual population would suggest and the insurance companies take this into account when calculating risk.

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