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Colorado Springs, Colorado Car Insurance

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado after Denver, with around 380,000 people living within the city limits and it serves as the center of a metropolitan area that encompasses another 240,000 people. However, covering more than one hundred and eight-six square miles, in sheer land area Colorado Springs is the largest city in the United States. Further, since the city is only some sixty miles south of Denver and urban sprawl is such a prominent feature of both cities, it is only a matter of time before the two metropolitan areas fuse together along the mountain line. Colorado Springs is largely a government city, with the military, defense contractors, and defense related high technology firms being the primary drivers of the local economy. The city has also become a primary center for evangelical mega-churches and far right Christian political organizations.

Although the number of traffic accidents and related problems has been on the decline in Colorado Springs over the last decade, its improvement has been much slower and less dramatic than the improvement seen in Denver. The most recent statistics available from the city government only go up to 2007, but these show a slow but steady decline in the total number of accidents, as well as those resulting in injuries. Colorado Springs has radically grown in size over the last twenty years and as a result much of its infrastructure especially roads is not properly suited for the population. The insufficient infrastructure has been a lasting problem for Colorado Springs and promises to remain so for quite some time.

As the second biggest city in a largely rural state, residents of Colorado Springs will obviously pay considerably higher insurance rates based solely on their address than many other people in the state. Nevertheless, Colorado Springs residents still pay considerably less than those of Denver or Denver's greater metropolitan area. Taking the time to comparison shop is likely a good idea for anyone moving to the Colorado Springs area.

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