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Carpooling has always been a way to save money on gasoline and cut down on traffic congestion. Today, many drivers in the College Park area are finding that carpooling saves hundreds of dollars every month because of rising fuel costs. Unlike traditional carpools, these drivers tend to meet in a parking lot that is convenient for both of them and then share a ride into town. While this method doesn't improve the loss of independence that comes along with carpooling, it does make it easier for people to find rides to the same area of town with people who don't necessarily work at the same location.

High Tech Carpooling Options

The internet has made it much easier to track down carpooling buddies. You no longer have to ask the people in your office if they live near your neighborhood. Online carpooling sites allow drivers to enter their starting points and ending points into a large database. The drivers are then paired based on their locations. They can contact one another and negotiate the best place to meet in the mornings and establish a good schedule for how often each of them drives. Since the database includes several drivers, you have more choice about who you ride with on a daily basis.

Immediate Savings on Fuel and Car Insurance

Commuters who travel between Kent Island and College Park can save $500 a month on average simply by sharing a ride. The savings comes from splitting fuel costs and reducing the wear and tear on each vehicle. Since the carpoolers alternate which car is driven, each car effectively cuts its mileage in half over the course of a month. That means that the drivers will pay less for their car insurance, less for their gasoline, and less for regular maintenance like oil changes. Carpooling may require a little extra organization, but putting in some extra effort can make a big difference in a commuter's budget.

Conveniences for Carpoolers

People who choose to carpool during normal commute hours can also take advantage of special perks offered only to carpoolers. The high occupancy vehicle lane allows carpool vehicles to zip around the majority of the congestion on heavily traveled highways. That means that a carpool has a better chance of getting to work in less time than an individual driver. Many employers also offer special parking privileges or other goodies for people who are willing to carpool every day. Carpooling also helps drivers avoid falling asleep on the road because there is someone to interact with when a commute becomes tedious.

Carpool Numbers Increasing

Carpooling numbers declined through the turn of the century, but they began to pick up again around 2005. Today, nearly 320,000 Maryland residents report that they commute in a carpool or ride-share. Most carpoolers utilize web-based databases to find people who want to share a ride. Others utilize ride-sharing programs that pick riders up in large vans and drive them into the city. The trend toward sharing rides could reduce the number of cars on the road during rush hours, which would make the commute safer for everyone traveling. Safer roads are one of the most reliable indicators for falling insurance prices.

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Millions of people each and every day do require a certain amount of auto insurance and there are many people who are looking for insurance but not sure the best place to help them find the insurance they may need. If you live in College Park, Maryland there is a good chance you will want to get the best possible coverage you can because of the large amount of people driving in the traffic.

So, where do you think you should look to help you find the best possible price on your insurance coverage? One great place you can easily look to help you find the best possible coverage at a price you can afford is by looking online. Many people will neglect to take the time to look online and this is a huge mistake.

By simply taking the time to look online, you can easily find many ways to help not only reduce the costs of your insurance, but ways to allow you to save money prior to getting insured. Did you know that you can get a lot of quotes before you even agree to get insurance with one company? Itís true, you can get an idea of what your insurance may be prior to deciding if you wish to get coverage with any one company.

Any time you can save time by shopping online it is a great idea to do so because shopping online saves you the time of having to go out and about as well. The great thing about shopping online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and this allows you to shop for cheap car insurance very easily. We all wish to make our lives as simple as possible and by taking the time to find ways to do this it can really make a huge difference in not only the way we feel but how fast we get things done.

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