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Clovis, New Mexico Car Insurance

New Mexico state law requires drivers to carry liability insurance in case they get into an accident. However, it is up to the driver to decide whether or not he or she needs more coverage. For example, the driver, depending on the type and age of his or her vehicle, may feel the need to buy collision and comprehensive coverage to lessen the financial blow in case of accident.

It is very important to comparison shop when it comes to buying insurance because with a little homework can net you a 30-50% difference on policy costs, between car insurance companies. All insurers give good driving discounts if you've taken a defensive safe driving course or have security equipment installed on your vehicle. Security equipment doesn't have to be expensive. It can be a simple steering wheel lock bar. Of course, seat belts and airbags will deepen the discount if you have them. Seat belts are required equipment, airbags are becoming a standard. However older cars may not have them installed.

Residents also must guard against car theft in this area, and not just for the big expensive autos. Smaller, older cars are stolen for parts. As a result some so called clunkers will have higher premium quotes then you would imagine. So shop around. Clovis is a small community with the majority of accidents happening on city streets close to home, at an average speed of about 45 miles per hour. However, these crashes are few and far between.

The types of insurance available for Clovis residents includes, liability, comprehensive and collision, uninsured motorists, and medical. Take into consideration the age and model of your vehicle before making a decision on the type of insurance that you buy. And remember that a little homework can save you loads of money.