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Chandler, Arizona Car Insurance

With just under a quarter of a million residents, Chandler ranks as the fifth largest city in Arizona. Like the first, third, and fourth largest cities in the state, Chandler is in fact part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area of almost four and half million people. Chandler is more than merely a residential suburb, but instead plays a key role in the metropolitan area's economy, serving as the base of a number of technology firms and high-tech jobs. Intel, the processor manufacturer, has four facilities in Chandler and other firms have operations there as well. Further, new development planning has made Chandler a major retail district of the metropolitan area featuring a number of major shopping malls and mega-stores.

Like other suburbs of Phoenix, most of the residents have to commute to work, with more than ninety percent of works either driving themselves or carpooling to other parts of the metropolitan area for work each day. If judged by the rate of fatal accidents, Chandler is one of the safer parts of the Phoenix metropolitan area to drive in, having consistently ranked well below the state's average number of fatal accidents since 1992. This reality notwithstanding, insurance companies will hold having a Chandler street address against most drivers due specifically to their position within a major metropolitan area. This is just a simple reality for almost all automobile owners living within a major population center.

Arizona is one of the states where your credit history and credit score is a prime determinant of your car insurance premiums. Therefore, before even applying for automobile insurance in Arizona you should be sure that your credit report is optimized. This usually includes looking all three of your major credits reports (those produced by Equifax, Experian, and Transunion), culling them for errors and having these corrected and removing items that should not be adversely affecting your scores. Taking this simple precaution can end up saving Arizona motorists a considerable amount of money on their regular premiums.

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