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Cape Cod, Massachusetts Car Insurance

Cape Cod is known for the Kennedy family and its serene, sandy beaches. During the summer, the Cape is packed with tourists both local and from abroad. During the winter months, there are very few cars on the road, with only a portion of the residents staying year round. This all or nothing facet of Cape Cod leaves some unique strategies for those looking to save money on car insurance.

Optional Insurance
You can save money by dropping collision coverage, but donít do it during the summer months. Parking lots are packed, and out-of-state drivers are everywhere. People unfamiliar with the area are more likely to cause an accident and damage your car. Because not every state has the same minimum insurance requirements, you cannot rely on the other person to have enough insurance to cover your carís damage.

If you decide dropping collision is right for you, only consider doing it during the winter months. The most likely hazard is a single vehicle collision from snowy roads. Youíll pay out of pocket for repairs, but you may also avoid your insurance company finding out about the accident. That way, your insurance rates are not affected. As long as you are not cited for the accident, you should be able to avoid higher rates.

Dropping comprehensive coverage can also save you money. Cape Cod has very low crime rates so theft is very unlikely. Understand, however, that just one damaged windshield can cost as much as $600. If this happens to you, try asking the glass company to give you the same rates they charge insurance companies. You might be able to get your repair down as low as $250.

Injuries to Others
Some ďoptionalĒ coverage should not be dropped during the Cape Cod summertime. There are hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists, and they all have the right of way. If you skimp on your Bodily Injury coverage and have an accident, you could find a judgement has put a lien on your home. Most insurance companies recommend $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. The difference in rates between the minimum coverage and these higher limits is modest and worth every penny.

Part Time Residents
Those who live elsewhere in winter are usually better off getting insurance in another state because Massachusetts has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. Those who prefer to fly must leave their cars in Massachusetts. This means they can either re-register their cars every year, or just reduce coverage during the winter months to state minimums.

If you decide to take your car off the road in winter, be sure itís parked in a safe garage. Harsh Cape Cod winter weather can cause damage to your car if it is not well protected. Youíll have to turn in your plates every fall and get new plates when you return. If you donít feel like going through the hassle of getting new plates every year, you can reduce your coverage to state minimums and leave your car parked in a safe garage. Just donít forget to call and bump your coverage back up when you return for the summer!

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