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Cambridge, Massachusetts Car Insurance

Cambridge is a unique city located in the greater Boston area. It is best known for its Ivy League schools and proximity to the Charles River. It is the home of many important areas like Kenmore Square and Harvard Square. Cambridgeís irregular street layout leaves many opportunities for car accidents. Add to that the large number of high-end and luxury cars in the area, high number of pedestrians, plus thousands of college students from out of state, and you have an even higher likelihood of an accident. Thatís why it is so important to carry full coverage on your car if you live or travel often in Cambridge.

Cambridgeís major intersections like Harvard Square and Kenmore Square can be challenging to navigate even for drivers who know the area. There are many pedestrians and bicyclists who are all given the right of way. It is not uncommon for another car to stop short to avoid hitting someone and then be rear-ended by the car travelling behind. Because of the many irregular roads travelling into these squares, those unfamiliar with the area will have a hard time deciphering which street lights apply to which roads, causing more problems and accidents.

Leading into Harvard Square is Route 2A, a twisting and winding road with high-speed traffic. It takes nerves of steel to drive this road and accidents are common. Scrapes and black marks can be seen all along the guard rails and jersey barriers along the road.

Rotaries are often a challenge for first timers in Cambridge. In other states, the traffic inside the rotary must yield to cars entering. But in Massachusetts just the opposite is true. When newcomers fail to notice the yield signs while entering the rotary, accidents are common.

The major thoroughfares in Cambridge are also peppered with large, fuel trucks that are prohibited from travelling through the Central Artery Tunnel. As a result, these trucks must travel through parts of Cambridge to make deliveries in Boston. Accidents with these large vehicles result from driverís failing to respect the truck driversí blind spots while passing.

The Charles River is a sight to see in Cambridge, and a source of traffic accidents. Memorial Drive bends along the waterís edge with several lanes, often packed with high-speed traffic. Unfamiliar drivers caught by the charm of the river often fail to notice red lights ahead. Sudden stops and missed red lights result in many collisions.

Also among the many hazards that make insurance expensive in Cambridge are the many names of streets. One major route can have as many as four different names within the city limits. For instance, Route 2 is also Route 3 and Memorial Drive at the same time. Most of the roads pre-date cars, so they twist and turn haphazardly and retain ancient names, even though many have been consolidated into major routes. The many visitors to Cambridge can easily be confused by the constantly changing routes, resulting in many traffic accidents and high insurance rates.

Did you know that your credit score can have a huge impact on your auto insurance rates? Itís true, it certainly can. This is one reason why some people pay so much more for insurance than others, of course there are many other factors as well, but this is one that can have a strong impact on the costs of your insurance, so you will want to be certain you keep this in mind.

There are many reasons that your credit score can have such a strong impact on the price of your Massachusetts car insurance. One of the big reasons is most likely due to the fact that a low credit score will represent a huge risk to the insurance company. This means that you are automatically viewed as a risk as soon as the insurance company sees this and that is one of the reasons you are charged more for your insurance.

So, if you are curious why you are being charged more for you auto insurance and know you have a low credit rating, this could be the precise reason. There can be other factors affecting your insurance, but this will certainly hurt your insurance.

If you live in Cambridge, Massachetts, you are living in one of the most populated cities in this state, so you will want to be sure you are doing all you can to trim the costs of other things from your budget and one of the ways to do this is with car insurance.

It is a great idea to keep your credit score as high as possible for more reasons than one. It can allow you to get much lower rates on most anything you have to purchase, so this is a very important number to anyone.

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