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Bowling Green, Kentucky Car Insurance

Founded in 1798, Bowling Green, Kentucky is the state’s fourth largest city, just slightly smaller than Bowling Green, at about 55,000 people. The city serves as the primary education center for south central Kentucky, as home of Western Kentucky University and also has an established manufacturing base. The General Motors factory in Bowling Green is where the Chevrolet Corvette has been produced since 1981. There are also a myriad of other factories and other businesses. The low cost of doing business in Bowling Green resulted in it being included Forbes magazine’s list of "Best Small Places for Business". Prior to the start of the 2007-2008 recession, Bowling Green had one of the best economic records in Kentucky.

In 2008, Bowling Green had 3,749 traffic accidents, a notable improvement over the 4,013 they had in 2007. However, fatalities increased, from thirteen in 2007 to twenty-three in 2008. Both the number of accidents resulting in injuries and the number of people injured in accidents decreased in 2008. Thirty-six of these accidents were related to drivers under the influence of drugs and 138 involved drunk drivers, a decrease from 2007 numbers. Taken altogether and viewed relative to the overall population, Bowling Green is a riskier place to drive than many other places in the state, so merely living in Bowling Green may result in higher car insurance premiums.

Local factors related to the community in which you live play an important role in determining the amount of money drivers will be expected to pay as a premium. Among the locality based factors the insurance take into consideration are: the population density, the proximity of hospitals, the accident rate, the number of incidents of drunk driving, and the number of uninsured drivers caught. In all of these respects, Bowling Green ranks poorly so there is a good chance that merely having a Bowling Green address will be enough to result in some increase in the premium. Nevertheless, taking some time to carefully shop around may save you some money.

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