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Boulder, Colorado is a large, popular tourist destination. There are many reasons to visit and live in this beautiful city. Unfortunately, the dangerous driving conditions can mean higher auto insurance rates, increasing the risk of being involved in an accident. The combination of tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads, drivers who are not paying attention, and complicated pedestrian crossings are just a few of the problems that Boulder drivers are faced with on a daily basis. Even the most defensive drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident.

Distracted Driving

One of the most dangerous aspects of driving through Boulder is that there are many drivers who perform multiple tasks while they are driving. Boulder has a big problem with people who talk on their cell phones behind the wheel, which usually means that they drive extremely slowly in the fast lane and block traffic. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road are more likely to drive through pedestrian crossings or run through intersections where the lights have changed. Boulder drivers have a tendency to load several pets into their cars at once, which can also be distracting for the driver.

Tourists behind the Wheel and On Foot

Any tourist town has to deal with the fact that there are hundreds of people on the streets and sidewalks who are not familiar with the area. Most tourist cities experience an automatic rise in their auto insurance rates because of the number of drivers from out of state. Tourists who are marveling at the beauty of the area can overlook traffic signs and lights unintentionally, which can make the streets more dangerous. Tourists who are walking or riding bikes may also be traffic hazards because they can move into the street unexpectedly.

Bicycles and Pedestrians

Boulder drivers share the road with a large number of pedestrians and bicycle riders. Many of the bike riders travel in small packs, which can make moving around them on a busy street a challenge. The city has constructed pedestrian crossings with large, flashing yellow lights so that pedestrians can move across busy streets more safely. The problem is that drivers from out of area do not always recognize these crossings and stop to allow the pedestrians to cross. Drivers who are not used to driving with bicyclists can also create a hazard.

Running Red Lights

Boulder has several intersections where people routinely run through red lights. Many Boulder residents have developed the habit of hesitating before they enter an intersection because they have experienced too many people running through red lights. This hesitation may prevent drivers from being broadsided in the intersection, but it also causes irritation in the drivers who are lined up waiting to go forward when the light changes.

If you are a driver in Boulder and would like to know more about your car insurance options, put your zip code in the form at the top of this page. You will have a chance to compare policies from different agencies so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Boulder is the county seat of Boulder County and with about 103,000 people ranks as the ninth biggest city in Colorado. It also serves as the anchor to its own metropolitan area of about 280,000 which are considered separate from the immediately adjacent Denver/Aurora metro area. However, in reality this division is purely imaginary and both of these major metropolitan areas are effectively fused together into one greater metropolitan area today. Boulder is perhaps best known as a liberal bulwark, like Berkeley (California) which is both the home to major university (University of Colorado) as well as a popular destination for hippies, liberal activists, and other left leaning people. Like Berkeley and similar places, despite its extremely left leaning political tendencies, the community is extremely wealthy and expensive compared to neighboring areas.

Like Denver, Boulder has successfully been bringing its accident rate down over recent years though this is in large part do to an excellent mass transit system and bike/walking path network which provides a viable alternative to driving. Further, Boulder ranks as one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the country and represents one of the places in Colorado where not driving is viewed favorably and people actively seek out alternatives. Due to the fact that so many people walk and cycle, Boulder has an inordinately higher level of traffic accidents involving pedestrians (defined as either bicyclists or people on foot). There were 195 accidents involving pedestrians in 2008, up from 137 in 2007.

Despite the popularity of alternative means of transportation in Boulder, a bit more than half of all residents still regularly drive their own vehicles and the city is still part of a major metropolitan area. Both of these factors mean that residents opting to own and operate a motor vehicle will likely pay a higher insurance premium than residents of many other parts of the state. Further, due to the relative affluence of the city, it is generally assumed that people with a Boulder address can afford to pay more and most people have coverage well above the legally required minimum liability coverage.

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