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Bloomington, Indiana Car Insurance

With a population of about 75,000 people, Bloomington ranks as the seventh largest city in Indiana. Home of Indiana University and a host of other more specialized colleges and schools, Bloomington is almost exclusively a college town. Known as Tree City for more than twenty years, the town is situated west of Yellowwood State Forest and Hoosier National Forest. Although there is some industry, by far the largest employer is the University and it utterly dominates the entire community. As is usually the case with university towns, the city is extremely eclectic and international and hosts a large number of unique festivals and annual events.

In 2008 Bloomington suffered 3,228 traffic accidents that killed three people and wounded another 761. 120 of these accidents were tied to the consumption of alcohol and 235 were related to people driving faster than they should have been. The most dangerous intersection in the city was where SR46 intersects with Walnut Street, which saw twenty-three accidents. The second most dangerous intersection was where 3rd Street intersects with SR37, an intersection that was the scene of seventeen accidents in 2008. At 86.4 percent compliance with seat belt laws, the city ranks on par with Fort Wayne for seat belt usage.

Although some auto insurance companies frown upon college towns, this is by no means always the case and generally speaking drivers in Bloomington should not expect to pay higher premiums based solely on their address. Of course, if you are a student or young driver you will pay a higher rate but this is true regardless of where you happen to live. Indiana is the tenth least expensive state in the country for auto insurance, so assuming you do not drive a very expensive car and you have a good driving record, you should be able to get a good rate for your car insurance.

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