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Anyone who has spent much time driving through downtown Birmingham has probably noticed that the street lights are not always set to change in a way that is ideal for the traffic conditions. Apparently there are not sensors to detect when cars are waiting at the lights, so their patterns don't adjust to heavier or lighter traffic during different times of the day. These inflexible lights can cause drivers to become so frustrated that they run through lights instead of waiting for them to change, which is dangerous for everyone approaching the intersection. Road rage caused by poorly timed traffic lights puts you at a higher risk of being involved in an accident, which could increase your car insurance rates dramatically.

Traffic Light Patterns Disregard Traffic Conditions

Many Birmingham residents who travel downtown during heavy traffic times have noticed that each light stays red and green for the same amount of time in each direction, even though the heaviest traffic is flowing in one specific direction. This causes the traffic on the more traveled road to back up through several intersections as everyone waits for the light to change back to green. It can be incredibly irritating to watch a red light while there is no one traveling on the cross road.

Lights Don't Change Patterns at Night

Night driving in downtown is also a maddening ordeal. Since the lights are on timers rather than sensors, they continue to change at a slower rate throughout the late night hours. You might be the only car at an intersection, but you will have to wait for the entire sequence of lights to run through as if it were the middle of a busy day. It can seem like an eternity to wait for a red light to change at a deserted intersection in the middle of the night.

Frustrated Drivers Tempted to Behave Dangerously

The poorly timed lights can lead to serious road rage, especially during the busiest times of the day. Frustrated drivers tend to be more erratic on the road, which makes it more dangerous for everyone who is driving. These dangerous conditions can cause more serious accidents that can negatively affect the car insurance rates of everyone who lives in the area. Even if you are able to stay calm and collected while waiting for a long red light to change, the driver next to you or behind you could put you in danger if they become agitated.

Residents can Report Malfunctioning Traffic Lights

Birmingham does have a hotline that residents can use to report malfunctioning traffic lights or other dangerous road conditions. You can leave your complaint at 311, which is designed to collect resident input about roads, trash collection, abandoned vehicles, and other city services that might need additional attention. Be sure to note exactly which intersection has the problem and describe the problem clearly so that it can be addressed properly. Enter your zip code in the form on this page if you would like to learn more about car insurance prices in your area.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of insurance you will need to pay and if you want to really save a lot of money, you will want to consider doing some research on helping you find ways to trim the costs of all your auto insurance needs. This is not a difficult task but will certainly require you put some time and effort into finding some of the absolute best ways for you to reduce the costs of insurance.

One of the best ways to help you trim costs from your auto insurance is by taking the time to educate yourself on many things. First off, you will need to determine what your insurance deductible may be because this can really help you cut back on costs when raise it a little higher than you think it should be.

For instance, if your insurance deductible is $500, you will certainly want to consider raising it to at least $1000. You will be surprised just how much this can help you save money off the costs of your auto insurance. It is a great idea to be certain you know what your insurance deductible may be. When it comes to auto insurance, you will need to take the time to review your policy. This can require some time, but will be worth it in the long run. If you reside in Birmingham, A.L., you can rest assured that you are living in one of the largest cities in this state and there will be lots of insurance agents to help you review your policy. So, be certain you take the time to speak to one and you will be very, very glad you did.

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