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Bethel, Alaska Car Insurance

With about 6,300 people, Bethel ranks as the tenth largest city in the state of Alaska and the largest community on the west coast of Alaska. Bethel is not connected to any of Alaska's highways and is only accessible b y air or via the Kuskokwim River in the summer. As the major population center in western Alaska, it serves as a central transportation and logistics hub for many western villages, primarily populated by Native American peoples. There is also a small tourism industry and a surprising number of immigrants from South Korea and Albania that have determined to try to find the American dream there.

Bethel only has one paved road, which is about ten miles long and another six or so miles of dirt road within the town. There is no land road to or from the city in summer, though in winter there are sporadic and dependable ice roads linking Bethel to other small native villages in the region. Obviously traffic is not a big deal in Bethel, though it has a large number of taxi cabs largely run by immigrants that handle most of the driving needs of the community. Despite the size of this town and its limited roads, there were still thirty-one accidents in the town in 2007, one of which was serious. Needless to say the threat of traffic or car theft is very low in Bethel and the address should have no negative impact on your insurance premium.

Alaska is one of the states that allow insurance companies to use a person's credit report and score as a key element in determining their insurance premiums. Though there are some legislative restrictions on what information can officially be taken into consideration, obviously these measures are unenforceable. Therefore your credit rating and standing is an important thing to consider before applying for car insurance in Alaska. If at all possible, make sure your credit record is as positive as it can be before applying for insurance.

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