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Baltimore drivers pay some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. One reason for the higher rates may be the consistent pattern of local drivers blatantly driving through intersections after a light has turned red. Drivers in almost every city in the nation tend to push the yellow light and try to get through before it clicks over to red, but in Baltimore the drivers do not seem fazed when the light has already turned completely red. Long-time residents and new residents alike complain about the dangers of trying to guess who will run a red light and who will stop. If this trend continues, Baltimore car insurance rates will always be higher than average.

Local Misconceptions about Red Lights

Some Baltimore residents believe that it is perfectly fine to drive through a red light or a stop sign as long as you slow down and look both ways as you approach an intersection. Even if this were true, the inherent danger of driving through an intersection while the cross traffic has the right of way creates an unnecessarily dangerous driving environment for everyone on the road. Ignoring the lights creates a much higher risk for everyone on the road to be involved in a collision.

Lights Poorly Timed

Some of the complaints about the intersection lights in the Baltimore area explain why drivers are so ready to go through intersections against the light. The timing in some intersections is set so that the red light remains on for a particular amount of time during the day or night. It can be frustrating to sit through a long red light when you are clearly the only person in the intersection. Waiting out the light might be worth your time compared to being broadsided by an unexpected truck that you were unaware of until the last minute, though. A little more patience might save Baltimore residents a ton of money in car insurance rates.

Side Impact Collisions Dangerous and Expensive

The most common type of collision that occurs when someone runs a red light is a side impact collision. These are extremely damaging wrecks. The weakest, least protected part of any vehicle is the side, while the strongest part of a vehicle is the front or rear. The car that is moving through the intersection with a green light will rarely realize that there is a need to slow down until it is too late. Side impact wrecks have the highest fatality rate of any accident other than head-on collisions. Passengers in vehicles that are hit from the side are particularly susceptible to death or serious injury after a collision.

Insurance Rates Reflect Red Light Danger

The severity of accidents that happen in intersections after a driver runs a red light are an important factor in determining insurance rates. If side impact accidents rates are higher in one area, the insurance companies will charge everyone who typically drives in that area more for their coverage. Unless Baltimore drivers find a way to avoid running red lights, they will continue to pay more for their car insurance. They will also face a higher risk of being involved in a serious accident.

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If you reside in Baltimore, Maryland, you most likely are aware that your are living in the largest city in this state. The populations is estimated to be over 650,000 and this is a lot of people for any one area. Of course, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages to living in a big city as you well know.

The costs of living can be much higher than other places to live, so this makes the need to reduce costs more important than ever before. One great place to reduce the costs of your expenses is by starting with your auto insurance. You can really save a lot of money by simply aking the time to learn ways to reduce the costs of your car insurance.

There are many ways to help you cuts costs from the amount you have to pay each month for the cheapest auto insurance and one of the way many people may not consider initially is purchasing a new car. Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you buy a new car because it will offer all of the latest safety features for one thing.

Also, make sure your car has air bags before you purchase it. This can really help you to save money if your vehicle has this one feature. There are many cars that do have this and the insurance company will reduce the costs of your auto insurance because of it.

Talk to your insurance company to get as many additional ideas as possible to allow you trim the costs from your insurance. There are many ways to help you save money if you just take the time to learn what they are. You can immediately begin to cut the costs of your insurance by taking the time to learn how.

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