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When moving to Austin from another city, many people wonder if they can make it in the city without a car. The answer is yes…and no. It depends on how much trouble and expense you can tolerate in getting to locations further from your neighborhood and how much you are willing to limit your options.

Residents in Austin will tell you that the public transportation system there is unreliable and insufficient for the needs of a pedestrian resident. The Capital Metro Transit system buses are rarely on time, so it’s not a good option for important appointments. It also requires long waits in between transfers.

Bus stops are far and few between, so additional walking is required even when you arrive close to your destination. One Austin resident reported, “When my car broke down, it used to take me two hours each day to get to work on the bus, which was five miles away. No kidding.” A two-hour commute for five miles makes no sense. You could walk it in an hour if you had the energy. But would you want to walk that far five days a week?

The bus takes about four times as long as driving in Austin. Plus, the farther from the center of Austin you live, the more unreliable scheduled buses become. Long waits are frustrating. Long waits in the pouring rain are miserable. The next alternative is taking a cab, which can be pricey. Some have quoted $30 for a 15-mile ride. If you have to travel over 30 miles, cab fares can go as high as $100.

Some have tried living in Austin with a motorcycle to save money. Unfortunately, motorcycles are chilly in the winter cold and heavy rains. The rain in Austin falls hard, fast and heavy. In fact, Texas has some of the heaviest rainstorms in the country. Sometimes, it rains so hard that it washes away the soil on people’s lawns. Consider that five-mile walk to work in a downpour. Not much fun. By the time you get to work, your clothes will be soaked!

Living without a car in Austin is technically possible, but you will be confined to small regional area and limit your job possibilities. In addition, there are only a few Austin neighborhoods that are even feasible without a car. You will always have a need to travel a bit farther, maybe 10 or 15 miles away. It’s too far to walk, takes hours by bus and costs a fortune by cab. Some say you might be able to get by without a car for a while, but eventually, you will really want one.

If you’re ready to get a car in Austin, enter your zip code in the box at the top of the page for a free quote. We recommend you get at least three quotes so you can compare rates and get the best deal. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose, except long rain-soaked waits for the bus and high cab fares.

Are you looking for car insurance in Austin Texas? With Austin Car Insurance you can get a quote on line all you have to do to start is enter your zip code.

To get a quote for Austin Car Insurance you are asked some other questions and then they will estimate what your insurance premium will be. What will they ask you? At first just your general demographics. Then you will be asked how much you drive if you have had any accidents etc.

To buy a new car they will check your credit rating and driving record. Things that affect your car premiums included tickets, accidents and who else uses the car. If you have a teenager using the car it may affect your premiums. Cheek for student discounts.

You can get discounts on insurance if you do not smoke, if you carpool or use public transportation. You can get discounts with low mileage. Owners of expensive or sporty cars will pay higher premiums.

Single men 25 and under pay higher premiums because they are considered at a higher risk for aggressive driving. They are considered more aggressive drivers than married men. The cost for a married couple is cheaper yet. You can save a little if you do not smoke.

Get a copy of your drivers and credit card records so you can see what Austin Car Insurance learns about you. You want to be prepared to answer questions. It is pretty easy to get a copy of both records. If you are buying a new car the lender usually a bank will insist that you carry full coverage on your car.

You can earn low mileage discount if you carpool. You can save 10 percent of your premiums if you increase your deductible. Then if anything happened you would have to pay a much larger deductible.

If you have an older car you may just want to keep a collision policy if the car is not worth that much anymore. You can decrease you insurance premiums by 10 percent if you drive a Hybrid.

Do not let your policy lapse. You could get direct withdraw from the bank each moth so you cannot forget to pay the premium.