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Aurora, Colorado Car Insurance

Technically, Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado, but in reality it is a suburb of Denver and a fully integrated element of that city's metropolitan area. The city is completely suburban in composition and lacks a central business district and other urban features that would allow it to compete with Denver. Only thirty percent of the resident population is actually employed in the city with another twenty-five percent commuting into Denver on a daily basis for work. Although Aurora is extremely diverse, ranging from extremely well off neighborhoods to extremely poor ones, for the most part the city is blue-collar in composition. Of the resident workforce, the single largest employer of men is the construction industry and of women the healthcare industry.

Unlike the city of Denver, Aurora's record of traffic accidents has remained largely unchanged in recent years, with small ups and downs in the numbers but the same basic levels. The number of accidents, traffic related fatalities and injuries have all remained reasonably constant over recent years. For example, in 2007 and 2008 there were the exact same number of fatalities stemming from car crashed: twenty-two. In that Aurora is very spread out and most of the work force commutes out of town for their jobs, almost everyone in Aurora drives. In 2008 more than ninety percent of Aurora residents either drove their own car, or carpooled, to work on a daily basis.

As part and parcel of the greater Denver metropolitan area, car insurance risk calculations will view aurora residents as being part of the same city. This means that most residents of Aurora can expect to pay higher car insurance premiums based solely on their address. Further, Aurora also has a higher level of car thefts and drunk driving incidents than many other parts of the metropolitan area and this may lead to an increased price for car insurance as well. Nevertheless, being a savvy shopper and carefully comparing prices can probably get new residents of Aurora a decent deal on their insurance.

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