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Athens, Georgia Car Insurance

Athens, Georgia, is home to the University of Georgia campus. It is a metropolitan city that is criss crossed by major highways and interstates, as well as a business loop that can take commuters from one side of town to the other quickly. You would expect to need to drive a car while living in such a large, widespread city. Many Georgia residents have found ways to use the public transit system and college busing to get where they need to go without purchasing their own car. The fewer cars on the road, the lower the car insurance rates will be for the city.

Students Provided with Transportation

The people who have the easiest time navigating through Athens without a car are the university students. Each student is given a pass for the city's bus services as well as access to the university transit system. Students can travel throughout Athens without the need to own any type of vehicle. There are some who choose alternate means of travel, like scooters or skateboards, but most students rely on their feet and the buses. The lower number of teenage and young adult drivers in the city has a definite impact on the insurance rates of those who live and work in Athens. Insurance companies regard college students as high-risk drivers, so keeping them off the road is good for everyone who needs to pay for car insurance.

Living in the Downtown Area

Residents of Athens who are not in school may find it easier to live without a car by taking advantage of apartment lofts in the downtown area. These lofts keep residents in the heart of the city with easy access to bus routes. If suggested light rail systems were completed, downtown residents would be able to travel to cities like Atlanta without driving at all. When more people are able to live and work downtown without driving, it will keep the streets less congested and car insurance rates lower.

The Feasibility of Biking

The city of Athens encourages its citizens to ride bikes as often as possible. This reduces the amount of pollution that is put into the air from car exhaust as well as the congestion on heavily traveled streets. The city has created bike lanes to help commuters make the shift from driving to biking. Local organizations have been formed to help drivers explore their options as bike riders. The city's forethought in providing separate lanes for bikers will reduce the risk of bike related accidents, which is also good for insurance rates.

Even if you ride your bike as often as possible and take advantage of the transit system, there may still be times when you need to drive. Some areas of the city are still easier to get to in a car than through public transit. Keeping your car in your driveway more often, however, will keep your insurance rates lower. To see if you could be paying less for your car insurance because of your driving habits, enter your zip code into the field at the top of this page and request quotes from several different insurance agencies.

When you take a long look at all the things you have to maintain in order to get the best life possible, one that will certainly be at the top of the list will be auto insurance. You must have cheap car insurance if you wish to drive legally and can really be a great way for you to have peace of mind in the process.

One of the best ways to make certain you get car insurance you can afford is by taking the time to do your homework. Many of us purchase a vehicle and never check the price of insurance beforehand. This can really be a bad idea because the more you invest in finding the car that may costs the least to insure the better off you will be. So, give some thought to getting a quote prior to actually purchasing a car, and you will be glad you did.

If you live in Athens-Clark County, Georgia, there is an excellent chance you may be residing in one of the largest cities in this state. There are 101,000 people in this city alone and this can make it a great place to live. There are a lot of things to do as well as see when you take the time to do them. It can be a great idea to be sure you do all you can to not only get insured but to additionally talk to your insurance.

There is nothing like having peace of mind when you drive around and this is easy to do when you have the best possible insurance you can. So, be sure you get the best auto insurance and you can have the peace of mind you need.

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