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Anderson, Indiana Car Insurance

Anderson is part of the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area and has a population of a bit more than 60,000 people making it the ninth most populous city in Indiana. The city is the seat of Madison County and ranked as number ninety-eight on Forbes list 100 Best Places for Businesses among Smaller U.S. Metro areas. Like other cities in Indiana, Anderson was once a major manufacturing center, producing seventeen different types of car there at one time or another, but that is all in the past now. After Ford shut down its operations in Anderson, the city lost 30,000 jobs. Today it is more or less a suburb of Indianapolis.

Although the 2009 statistics have not been released to date, the 2008 ones indicate that Anderson is a fairly safe city to drive in. In that year there were 2,695 auto accidents that killed four people and left another 647 injured. Comparatively speaking, this is not a very bad track record. 135 of these accidents were related to drunk driving and 156 were speed related. The worst three intersections in the city are all intersections along Scatterfield Road: at 53rd Street (nineteen accidents), at 43rd Street (eighteen accidents) and at 8th Street (seventeen accidents). With 90.7 percent of people using their safety belts, Anderson ranks better in this respect than a number of ten biggest cities in Indiana.

The only factor that might result in you not comparing car insurance rates for residents of Anderson is the fact that the city is an integral part of the much larger Indianapolis metropolitan area. More often than not, insurance companies will assume greater risk for people living and driving in urban and suburban areas as opposed to those in smaller cities and towns. However, since Indiana's minimum requirement are fairly low and the state pays a lot less for car insurance than many others, it seems likely that a good driver with an inexpensive car should be able to get a very good rate on their auto insurance.

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