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Alexandria, Virginia Car Insurance

Alexandria has more than 125,000 residents. Like much of northern Virginia, affectionately called NoVa, the city has been shaped by American history and the presence of the federal government complexes in the area. Many of the residents in Alexandria are civil service workers, especially in the Department of Defense, Navy and Patent Office. Others work for private contracts providing services to the US government, locally known as ďbeltway bandits,Ē named after the Capital Beltway, the highway circling Washington, D.C.

High Traffic

As part of Washington D.C., Alexandria is one of most congested areas in the United States. Bumper to bumper traffic on the Beltway leads to more fender benders than the median. Situations like this give rise to higher insurance premiums for Alexandria residents. While itís true that low-speed collisions are less likely to cause injury, a large volume of them overcomes the cost savings of fewer injuries and fatalities.


Vehicle theft rates are a major factor in auto insurance rates for any city and Alexandria has its fair share of troubles. Even though the city enjoyed a recent dip in theft rates with the economic slowdown, that rate will increase as things return to normal. Just a little over 300 auto thefts took place in 2009. At the highest point in 1997, there were 813. The city averages over 650 thefts per year. Insurance companies know theft rates are likely to rise again and keep their premiums steadily high as a result. When there are high theft and vandalism rates in an area, everyone bears the burden of higher insurance rates.

Tourism Traffic

Not only is Alexandria a busy modern city, itís also a center for our national heritage. Tourists come from all over the world to see the section of Alexandria called Old Town. This is the oldest part of Alexandria, laid out in 1749. The area is known for historic homes, art galleries and antiques. Old Town is also home to many historic landmarks such as General Robert E. Lee's childhood home, Gadsby's Tavern and the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop. Old Town also houses Market Square, the oldest continuously operating market in the US. This was one of the largest slave markets in the US.

All these tourists, driving on unfamiliar city streets, are prone to auto accidents. High incidents of accidents mean insurance companies pay more for car repairs and pass those expenses on to policyholders.

How to Save

Alexandria residents should shop around for insurance every year. Insurance companies rarely make rate adjustments for long-term customers. Instead, they offer steep discounts to new customers. By shopping around every year, you give yourself a change to get than new customer discount. recommends you get quotes from at least three insurers to find the best rate. Just enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page to get a fast and easy quote. With three quotes in hand, youíll be sure to get the best rate on your auto insurance every year.

Alexandria in Virginia is a bustling city of over 128,000 as per the census of 2000. It is based on the banks of the Potomac river and is in close proximity to Washington DC (just 6 miles away). Proximity to the nationís capital means that many of its residents are employees of federal departments and offices. There are also so many folks who work in the military and the scores of contract companies that provide to federal services. Alexandria also has many not for profit organizations ad charities. It also has a thriving nightlife and many tourists throng on to its many bars, restaurants and quite a few other entertainment avenues that abound here. Many of the localities here consist of high income group areas. People who inrend to reside here as well as drive around the city would need to have Alexandria Car Insurance.

If you ever venture out in your car, and dicover that you have forgotten to take your car insurance papers, it would make sense to make your way back home and get the papers. Insurance papers, along with car registration and driverís license would be absolutely imperative for responsible drivers. Donít assume that just because there is no accident or event, car insurance papers may not be checked. As a matter of fact, there could be surprise checks of this by the police of revenue department officials. People who forget these papers at home may have to pay a fine and in case this is repeated may have their car impounded too. Hence, this is no laughing matter.

Alexandria Car Insurance is available through many sites online. People can just browse through the sites and choose the kind of insurance they need. So many options are available including liability insurance, damage cover or comprehensive cover. In most cases, comprehensive cover is the most beneficial as you never know when which kind of event could occur, leading to a requirement of car insurance. In this day and age, one cannot be careless or unmindful as to what one is getting into in terms of any product and service and insurance is certainly no exception.