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Albuquerque, New Mexico Car Insurance

Securing the right kind of car insurance in Albuquerque depends on a number of factors, your credit score, your age, driving record, where you live, how far you drive to and from work, as well as what kind of car that you choose to drive. Having a bad credit history will drive up your premium from the beginning. However, state law makes it illegal to deny insurance coverage based on credit history. But the insurance companies are allowed to charge you whatever they choose for coverage.

So your coverage becomes what you can afford. In Albuquerque, you must carry liability insurance at minimum. But bear in mind that a serious accident with injuries or fatalities may exhaust your coverage and still leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars. If you're a good driver with an old car, then stick with the liability. However, a newer car should have more than liability. You should consider, collision and comprehensive car insurance to handle all situations that you encounter on the roadways.

Shop around for your policy. Don't sign onto the first offer you get. Insurance companies are very competitive and are more than willing to undercut the quotes of their competition. There are ways to lower your premiums including, driving less. Most companies offer low mileage discounts. So if you car pool, take public transportation or even ride a bike to work on some days, then tell your agent. This will get you a discount on your premiums.

Most residents of Albuquerque drive about 20 minutes to work daily, and it may surprise you that most accidents in this city don't happen at high speeds. They happen at 35 miles per hour and close to home. Statistics show that it is now how you drive, it's how you drive with other cars on the road. Car thefts is another problem in this area, so most insurance companies in this city will discount for installed anti theft equipment on any car.