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Alamogordo, New Mexico Car Insurance

All car insurance companies are not created equal, nor do they all charge the same rates for the same coverage. The insurance industry is very competitive, so it is to your benefit to do some comparison shopping before settling on your insurance carrier, because by doing your homework, you can save yourself from 30 to 50% on your monthly costs.

Alamogordo drivers are only required by state law to carry liability insurance. However one bad accident and you may find yourself in big debt out of pocket. Insurance costs are based on age, gender, driving record, where you live as well as the age and value of the car. The distance that you travel to and from work will also make a difference in your premium.

One of the best ways to collect quotes is via the internet, where you can plug your city and state into a search engine and find websites that will pull together as many quotes as you need, based on your personal information. Average travel time to and from work for most Alamogordo residents is about 15 minutes, and while small inexpensive cars would seemingly be the way to go, it may not mean a lesser premium. Some small cars are on the list of most popular cars to steal, and being on that list means you will pay more for insurance. To give you an example, Honda Accords and Civics are in the top ten most popular cars to steal. The number one vehicle, however, is the Dodge Ram pick up truck.

Choose your coverage carefully, since there is really no benefit to carrying too much insurance. The standard coverages are liability which covers physical injury and property damage to other people. Comprehensive and collision covers damage to your auto, as well as fire and theft. Uninsured motorist covers the expenses of an accident if the other drive can't cover. Medical protects you against the cost of injuries for you and your passengers.