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Akron, Ohio Car Insurance

Most Akron residents will tell you itís a great city to live in. What makes Akron so great is city planning. Akron dwellers enjoy more than 1200 acres of parks and 13 public recreation centers run by employees of the City. Itís a family friendly city with a population of approximately 3,000,000 people. Even with so many residents, traffic is not a big problem in Akron. The real driving danger there is winter snow.

Itís important to make sure you carry adequate insurance on your car. Ohio only requires that you carry $12,500/$25,000 per person/per accident liability coverage and $7,500 property damage insurance. This will do nothing for you or your car if you have an accident driving in the snow. If you cannot afford to set aside enough money to cover the cost to replace your car, you should be careful to carry collision and comprehensive coverage. You can get some quick quotes by entering your Akron zip code in the box at the top of this page.

Even with insurance, there is a risk of injury, so follow save driving guidelines for snow. Of course, driving slowly is the first rule safe snow driving, but there is much more to it. When ice is mixed with the snow, the roads are extra slick and slow driving may not be enough. Thatís why some advanced preparation is vital. Be sure to prepare your car before the first snow falls and keep an emergency kit in the trunk. You can get a full list of everything you need to do from FEMA at .

Donít depend on your antilock brakes in a skid. If youíre driving too fast, nothing will stop you from going off the road, possibly into a tree. Give yourself plenty of time to react by doubling the space between you and the car ahead. This gives you extra time to avoid a crash if you go into a skid or if the car ahead of you loses control. Youíll also have more time to respond to bends in the road.

When you approach a curve, first slow the car by letting your foot off the gas. Gently pump the breaks to proper turning speed before the turn. As you drive through the turn, keep your foot off the break so all four tires can grip the road. Then gently accelerate out of the turn. The method ensures you have maximum tire grip throughout the turn and that the carís weight distribution remains stable.

Donít depend on four-wheel drive to save you from trouble in the snow. While its true four-wheel drive helps you go in the snow, it does nothing to help you stop. This presents a danger for those who think they can drive faster in the snow because they have four-wheel drive.

How to control a skid is another important skill, but one learned best through hands on practice. Drivers must turn into the direction of the skid and gently accelerate at the same time. Winter driving schools are the best places to acquire this live-saving winter driving skill.

There are many people that live in Akron, Ohio. It is listed as one of the largest cities in the state of Ohio. It is extremely important that if you have a teen-ager you are certain to make sure they have the best insurance coverage you can afford. Most of us know when it comes to insuring a teen-ager on automobile insurance; it can really get very expensive.

So, in addition to checking various auto insurance companies to get the best deal, there are other ways to help you make certain your teen drives as safely as possible.

Tips for Teens

1. Set an excellent example for your teens to follows. Of course, we all know how important it is when operating a vehicle that we drive as safely as possible, but when we have a teen with us, it is imperative that we do all we can to drive as safely as possible. Teenagers are very observant especially when it comes to their parents, so this makes it crucial to make sure we are setting a good example.

2. Get involved in your teens driving. When it comes to auto insurance for your teen, the safer they drive, the cheaper it will likely cost you, so you should certainly consider not just sending them to driverís education, but also getting involved with the process. You may even want to consider going with them and observing as much as possible. It is always good to let your teens know you are supporting them.

Obtaining the proper vehicle insurance for teenagers can certainly be expensive, but if they are involved in an accident, it can be unreal the price it will cost to have him or her insured. So, take the steps to make certain your teenager can drive as good as possible.