Your Marital Status Affects Your Car Insurance

We’re always searching for the best deal in this economy, whether it’s at the grocery store or at the pump. When it comes to car insurance, we’re no different, and we want the best deal possible. There’s many tricks to getting affordable car insurance. Your credit score. Good grades in school. Just being above the age of twenty-five helps. But how about getting married for better premiums?

1170043_heart_sketchIf you are single, divorced or widowed, your insurance rates are higher than if you are married. Surprisingly, it’s completely legal in most states to use this kind of discrimination on their insured drivers. Insurance companies argue that just like younger drivers who are statistically more dangerous behind the wheel of a car, single individuals are similarly more likely to act irresponsibly on the road.

Are they saying married individuals have more to live for, and are thus safer drivers? Or is it because when you’re single, you do silly (vehicle) maneuvers to impress a date? The statistics do exist though, shedding some light on the situation. Married individuals are involved in less accidents. In the end, being single doesn’t help you get better insurance rates.

A trick to see if your insurer penalizes your single status, is to get two quotes from them (use different names each time). Enter identical information into the fields and change only the marital status. Hit enter. This may illuminate which providers are utilizing this kind of practice. We don’t recommend getting married simply for the better insurance rates though.

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