You Won’t Save Much on Car Insurance without Good Customer Service

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. In car insurance, that could mean the difference between having your car repaired quickly and painlessly and waiting for weeks to speak to an agent while your car sits broken in your driveway. Grabbing the cheapest car insurance is tempting during these times when every penny counts, but in the long run, it could cost more than it’s worth in time and frustration.

The Temptation of Paying as Little as Possible

Cheap insurance is not too hard to find right now. Several national insurance companies offer web-based coverage for a song. It’s easy to sign up online, and you’re guaranteed to spend less than you would spend for an insurance company that offers more personal service. You will enjoy the satisfaction that comes from saving money on your insurance as you send off your lower premium payment every month. You’ll stay in compliance with the legal minimums while you pay as little as possible. In fact, you won’t notice any difference between your inexpensive insurance company and any other insurance company until you need to file a claim.

Potential Problems with Poor Service

When something happens and you need your insurance company, you might begin to wish you had spent a little extra on the policy. Cheap insurance costs less because the insurance companies generally invest less in service. You might find that your policy is handled by an agent who covers three or four states. You might spend weeks trying to contact an agent about a claim without ever reaching the agent in person. Some inexpensive insurance companies use call centers to interact with any customer call, which means that you might have to go through several layers of phone calls to reach a person who will be able to help you with your claim.

The Personal Touch is Worth a Little More Money

Avoiding bad service from a cheap car insurance company doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar on your policy. Customer service can improve dramatically for just a few dollars more each month. That extra expense can be worth it if you ever need to file a claim for damages to your car. A good insurance company will handle your claim in a timely manner so that you can be on the road again as quickly as possible. The time and hassle you save by using a reliable company is worth paying for.

Striking a Balance Is Best

The key is to find good service at an affordable price. Do a little research before you commit to a new insurance company. Look online for customer review forums to see what kind of experiences previous customers have had with the company. It’s important to compare more than just price with insurance coverage. Remember, these are the people you’ll need to call when something bad happens to your car. When that day comes, you want the personal support that some of the cheapest companies simply can’t offer.

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