Yes, Your Classic Car Needs Special Coverage

cadillac Sixty FleetwoodClassic cars require specific coverage because of what they are, the more classic they are, the higher the premium you are likely to pay. Using a classic car as a daily driver can be prohibitively expensive unless you are doing real well in the income department.

Most classic cars are used as weekend drivers and show machines.

 Many insurance policies for classic cars severely limit not only how much you can drive them, but where you can take them. If you are using your classic car as a show machine and a weekend driver, you may find that the show part of your interaction with the car may raise your premium a fair amount. This is because a car in a show situation is likely to be around a multitude of people and other cars in a very compressed area.

This can be a recipe for damage due to pedestrian interaction with the car or a collision with another car.

 Classic cars can be very expensive to repair due to the fact that they are long out of production and parts can be extremely difficult to find. Once found, those parts can be quite expensive, as can be the cost of labor to install them.

Classic cars are in a world unto themselves and what makes them so desirable to own is also what makes them so expensive to insure.

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