5 Worst States For DUI’s Based On Auto Insurance Cost

duiTexas has the absolute highest DUI ratings. This is not averaged by population but just by DUI convictions. This is of note since Texas has about two thirds the population of California. Texas had the opportunity to not only have sobriety checkpoints and to mandate ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers, however they did not implement it.

California is high up on the list of DUI ratings, they had a chance to control that by voting positively on a bill requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk rivers, unfortunately this bill did not pass and California will continue to rank highly in a very undesirable list.

South Carolina has stayed consistently on the top five DUI states, a dubious honor I’m sure the state would rather not have. South Carolina is known for having the worse drunk driving laws in the country and the ones in place are for the most part ineffectual. It seems defense attorneys in the legislature defeat any reform to the current laws. North Carolina rates in the lowest occurances.

Wisconsin actually had their DUI fatalities increase over the last year, that is no surprise when the first offense for drunk driving is met with a simple civil infraction. As long as the state treats this problem with frivolous laws, they will remain on this list and may in all likelihood climb up into higher positions.

Montana rounds out the top five, though Montana’s DUI rates have dropped down over the years, it is still within the top five worst states for DUI.

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